Wagering On Online Slot Game

17 April 2011
Online slot game will becomes extremely boring if you make same bet repeatedly. Moreover, it’s not possible for everybody to meet the expense of lots of spins with this one single bet. This is the reason why most of the online casinos like 888.com provide the facility of multiple betting options so as to make the game more exhilarating and inexpensive. For all the players who are not completely aware of different slots betting options, here is a basic overview of them.

Coin Amount
Coin amount is considered as one of the frequently betting options for slots. It depends on how many coins you can wage on each pay line. Suppose you are playing on 6 pay line game, and this game allows you to bet anything between 1 to 10 coins on each pay line.

Benefit of betting more coins on a pay line is that, you will have more combinations to win. For example, you put 6 coins on a play line and get a payout of 10 coins. Generally, you will get only 10 coins when you win, however you have put 6 coins on a pay line, so you will have a chance to earn a payout of 60 coins.

Unluckily, all games does not provide this facility of betting more then one coin on a pay line, but try to look for the game who allow you to put more then one coin so as to get another betting option.

Coin Size
Other then coin amount, one more classic slot betting option you can find in most of the casino is the coin size. Coin size means the amount of money, which you have bet, on each coin in a slots game. Although very rare but some of the slot games will provide you the facility to change coin size, bigger coin size gives higher payout.

Pay Lines
Pay line is considered as the most popular betting option in slot game, as it provides extra of winning combinations. Thus you can play 3 pay line instead of one, in single spin to give yourself more chances to form winning combinations. 
You can get a huge variation in betting, if you incorporate coin amount and coin size along with pay line. There are cases were you can play even 25 pay lines in a single spin. But always keep in mind that, more will be the pay lines you play, more will be the amount you need to spend on each spin.

Betting Options and Jackpot Requirements
Different slot game have different wagering option for its players, as per their convenience, while some necessitate that players choose the utmost wagering options when going for jackpots. This is the case only when you play for better progressive jackpots, where a player needs to play more then 25 to 35 pay lines, to win the jackpot.

Along with the pay line players are also required to wage the maximum coin size, when they choose to play for jackpot. This is the biggest drawback of slot game as you need to spend a huge amount to play for jack pot, and in case you do not play for jackpot then, you will not get maximum value out of the game. Therefore, before you decide to play slot game, just check your bankroll once.

Moreover, In case you find that you do not have sufficient amount to meet the jackpot wagering then, its better that you choose some other game, instead of the slow game of this type, or else this can cause adverse effect on your bankroll.


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