The Craps Strategy

18 July 2010
This is the tricky bit now where the player is expected to adopt the best betting stances such that he/she does not make a wrong bet that will cost them money for nothing. There is no laid down strategy for playing craps apart from knowing that the pass line bet is the best and then knowing something about the other bets too. Understanding the craps strategy also calls for a clear understanding of the rules that guide the players when they are playing at the table. It is also wise to understand the ‘come and the don’t come bets’ as well as the ‘don’t pass bets’ because these ones give the house the smallest edge; and therefore, if you win on one of them, you will win big.

The first bet, which is the pass bet is placed on the pass line before the first roll. If the roll lands on a seven or an eleven, you will have won that round. Winning in this instance is usually paid; out in even odds of 1:1, 2:2 etc. If it lands on a 2, 3, or a 12, you have lost. Pass bets are said to be in support of the shooter where it is taken that you are supporting them in their attempt to win. If they win, you win together; and if they lose, you lose together.

The ‘don’t pass bet’ is the exact opposite of the pass bet. In this one, you place your bet on the ‘don’t pass’ line and you are kind of betting against the shooter. You are betting that the shooter will first roll out a seven before making point. This is the reason why it is called the wrong bet and the pass line bet is called the right bet. Here you lose if the dice comes out on a seven or eleven and if it comes out on a 2, 3, or 12, you win.

The ‘come and the don’t come bets’ are both placed while the round of play is still in progress. This is the only difference between these two and the ‘pass and don’t pass line’ bets. If the next roll is seven or eleven, you win; and it otherwise becomes a point.

The best odds, however, are the odd bets. These ones are put into place to back the ‘pass and don’t pass bets’ and in some circles, they are referred to as the true bets. They pay out on even odds and the house has no edge over them, no matter how slight. They are the best to win because the pay is good here. In case of any unresolved odds bets at the table, they can be removed during play.

There are other bets as well that are involved but to some extent, they are not as important as the aforementioned. So, new players are advised to just ignore them and concentrate only on the important bets. They include the place number bets and the proposition bets and they are meant for players who have large bankrolls and feel that they must bet on every call of the dice rolling. Pros will hardly bet on these and maybe that is why they are considered terrible odds because they pay very little.

The place number bets are where you are betting on a certain number rolling out before a seven does while in the proposition bets you bet on a specific number on the next roll. For more action, you can join several other players for multi-player games in most online games that are offered by casinos. This will give you the thrill of your life as well as varied experience that you can take to the table next time.


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