Video Poker strategy

20 July 2010
Video poker is a popular game that is played by those people who are looking for thrill in the gaming world. The game requires the player to have some fast thinking and sharp critical mind to analyze the situation to determine the cards that they prefer to retain. Cards that are retained have to be chosen smartly as they will determine the players’ winning hand. This game allows the players to win by luck through drawing five cards at a time. This game can be a jigsaw puzzle if you are not aware of the strategies that are observed when you are playing. Here are some of the tips that you require to consider.

Either Jack or Better - whole pay
Hand - payments
Royal flush - 800 times
Straight flush - 50 times
Four of a kind - 25 times
Full house - 9 times
Flush - 6 times
Straight - 4 times
Three of a kind - 3 times
Two pair - 2 times

Double Queens, kings, queens and Ace are paid at the rate equal to the amount that was wagered.
There are different game strategies that are available to be played in the video poker but the major one is the Jacks. This game requires the players to place high quantity of wagers and also to hold a high hand. The best high hands that are easily held are those that are above jack. The payouts are different among the machines that are available. The players choose the machines that have appropriate amount that they are intending to wager.

The amount players expect to get can be calculated from the list above. It is called a 9/6 list and gives the ratios that the players can use to determine the returns that they will get from the amounts that they are going to bet. Before placing a wager, ensure that the machine that you are using has good pay back rates. For instance, flush will repay your wager 9 times if you win. The standard playing machine that is recommended for real gamers is the 9/6 which is a reliable machine.

There are several charts that have been developing with the aim of guiding the gamers. However, these guides have proved to be so difficult that gamers felt it was no use trying to play games that are not easy to win. However, there are some other versions of the guides that are so simple that are currently on use at the moment. This version is simple but there are few people who are capable of winning prizes as much as the prizes that are put in store for gamers who will win at the end of the day. The new credits that have been developed are approved of being good strategy for performance and a player using this chart should not fear to bet maximum credits since they are sure way to win.

The 6 primary starting hands:

The jack’s strategy guide seeks to look at the combinations that players should retain so that they can end up having a lot of points at the end of the game. The hands are listed in the order of the strongest towards the weakest. All the cards that are listed below the primary letters should be retained instead of that alternative.

1. 2 pair or better

4 royal flush cards

2. Pay pairs

4 royal flush cards
4 straight flush cards

3. None pay pair

4 Random flush cards
3 royal flush cards

4. Lowest 2 pay cards

4 random flush cards
3 royal flush cards
Open end straight draw
3 straight flush cards

5. Single pay card

Random flush cards
Open ended straight draw
3 royal flush cards

The draws

The preceding cards that a person takes are the ones that are going to help to get them to the draw. The most likely draw that will pay back is the one that is listed from top to bottom.


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