The Rules of Craps

18 July 2010
Perhaps what contribute more to the game of craps are the unwritten rules of the game that control it at the table and its etiquette. These are quite something as compared to other games and therefore, craps always emerges top as the most exciting game of the day in the casino. There are a number of rules which control the behavior of the players at the table and these, more than the official rules, are the most adhered to.

When it is your turn to act as the shooter, know that you are not allowed to handle the dice with your two hands at all. It is even illegal to shake the dice around in cupped hands; incase you find that you want to change hands, it is allowed to first let go off the table and then pick them with the other hand. Irrelevant as it may seem, this simple unwritten rule eliminates any possibility of the player switching the dice in any case. When throwing the dice, you should do it in such a way that the pair hits the opposite wall of the table. A casino might also allow a roll that does not hit the farthest end of the table as long as it rolls past the middle of it. In case there is a roll that fails to hit the farthest wall of the table, it is referred to as the mellenburg roll.

If during rolling one of the dice hits one of the players at the table or the dealer and then goes back to the table, it is still considered to be in play if the player it hit did not interfere with it in any way. In some casinos, this might be counted as a no roll and therefore it is imperative that if you are playing craps for the first time, understand these in written rules such that you know all that is going on. On the same note, a dealer is not allowed to touch the hand of the player in any way, and the players are also not allowed to touch the hands of the dealers. When buying chips, the player is expected to place their money on the stack that they want and then the dealer will pick it up and place the stack of chips in front of them. The dealer cannot hand chips directly to the player.

Chips should not be tossed but to the players. They should be placed right in front of the player because if tossed, they might upset other chips; do not allow any call bets at the craps tables. This is where the player might at times and in some casinos only be allowed to make a bet without placing chips on first of the rightful stack. This usually happens when you are waiting for casino credit.

If a player chooses not to act as shooter, they are allowed to pass the bet onto the next player in line in the clockwise direction. However, they will continue being in play and also bet and win too, if they will.

Because in most circles it is considered bad luck to change dice during play, if it falls during a throw and the player does not want a new one, they are supposed to call out for the same dice. In this case, the retrieved dice will be returned to them. It is also bad to make a bet when the dice have left the middle of the table. Such late betting will not be tolerated and left off without a warning.


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