7Reels Casino

Name:  7Reels Casino
Web Launch:  2009
Software:  Top Game
Company:  Belfondia Holdings
Jurisdiction:  Costa Rica
Phone:  US: +1-866-813-2780
UK: +44-808-234-2675
Fax:  Fax Toll Free: +1-866-813-3093
Address:  Costa Rica

7Reels Casino Bonus Information

Maximum Bonus: $7,000
Bonus Match: 300%

Rating Spec.Superonlinecasino


  • Software & Graphics0
  • Game Variety0
  • Maximum Bonus0
  • Bonus Match0
  • Wagering Requirements0
  • Payout Ratio0
  • Loyalty Bonus0
  • Deposit/Withdrawal0
  • Support0

Great Features

  • 5 Progressive Jackpots
  • 15% on alternative payment methods
  • Huge bonuses
  • Accepting players worldwide
Not So Good
  • No multilingual software / support

7Reels Casino Review

Since 2009, 7Reels Casino has been providing fun to all those who feel a little bit lucky. If you are looking for an easy to use online casino that is based outside of the United States and is friendly for those within the United States, then you have come to the right place. When you look at what others have to say about this site, you will find that everyone gives it high praise. It was easy for us to tell you about it, because everyone has been telling us good things about this place. For those who are members, they find that they have the best time gaming on this site.

When looking for the reasons to keep coming back to an online casino, you might ask if 7Reels is the one for you. Many people had for long borne the same, if not more, questions as you probably do. When they looked to see if this online casino could stand up to what others had to offer, they were quite impressed that, in many instances, they surpassed other online casinos and their expectations. It’s fast as well as reliable and the software is easy to use.

You will find a number of games from which you can choose. There is video poker for those of you who like a bit of that action. There are some slots as well for those who like slots. There is something for everyone here at 7Reels. If that’s not enough, there are a number of variations of these games to keep you feeling challenged.

Yet another thing you will find is that they are there to meet your needs. If you have any questions, you will find that their customer service is just the thing you need, as they are there to answer any of your questions. You won’t find that they leave you hanging. They have knowledge and are there to help you, therefore making it easier for them to answer your questions. They have been trained to be able to serve you in this manner.

Another thing that we were very impressed with when we started looking into this casino is that they offer a very nice package. As a way to show you that they value your business and to welcome you to their site, they give you a three hundred percent match of up to twelve hundred dollars. The more you put in the less they match up to. They will give a person two hundred percent for up to eighteen hundred dollars. Then, for those who put in two thousand dollars, they will match up to a hundred percent. All of these you can claim on your deposits. While some only match this for your first deposit, they match this for your first four deposits which is another added bonus. When you do the math, that’s up to seven thousand dollars depending on how much you put in.

If you want an online casino that will treat you right, then you have definitely found the right one right here. There are many games to keep you well entertained. So, when you are looking for a new casino, 7Reels Casino is one that has many left buzzing. It’s a site that many have put on their favorites list. You will find that they give you a number of options to make it easy for you to join. Don’t wait for too long though. Their server might get busy with those who are passing the word that this is the place to game at.

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