How to Play Craps

18 July 2010
Of all the casino games that we have in play today, this is by far the most exciting game. When you come across the craps table in a casino, you will be forgiven for thinking that all players are buddies while actually they only met for the first time at the table. It is a game that is followed by animated gestures from the players and a lot of hollering as each player tries to urge the dice to roll on to their winning combination. If you are looking for some excitement and want to let off a little steam, then this is your game. But first, you have got to know how to play, or how to roll dice as they say in the craps lingo. The pass line bet which has only a 1.41 % house edge on it makes so far the best game to play and it is no wonder that it is so popular.
The basic thing that you should know here is that craps have more than forty bets that you can make, but again, most of the 40 bets have got terrible odds and you should learn to avoid them altogether.

If you are up to it, craps is not a very confusing game to play and in fact, it is easy enough once you make up your mind to learn it. The first important thing that you have to learn about it is the pass line bet because this is where it all starts from. You just place your bet on the pass line before a new shooter get the chance to roll the dice and if it lands on seven or eleven, you win. This is also referred to as the come out roll. However, you will have lost if the shooter trolls the dice and it rolls out as a 2, 3, or 12. Any other number that is going to be rolled becomes the point number and the shooter must roll it again before a seven.

After the point number is established, the bettor can now make another bet behind the pass line; such a bet is referred to as the odds bet. The reason why it is referred to as such is because it is the only bet in the casino that has got no house edge on it and therefore, on this bet, the full odds are paid with no deductions whatsoever in case of a win. This is yet another reason why craps is so popular among punters. In most casinos, the players are offered double odds behind the pass line. This means that if one wins, they will have the opportunity of making a bet that is two times what is expected. That is if one was supposed to bet $10, then they can bet $20.00.

If the process seems too hard for you if you are playing craps for the first time, then you have got to take advantage of further instructions that are offered by the casino before the start of every game. However, what one should know is that the pass line bet is the most important and the most basic of all. It is also the starting bet. Other bets are paid out in the following way: if the point number is 4 or 10 it pays out in the odds of 2 to 1. If the point number is 5 to 9 it pays out in odds of 3 to 2 and if the point number is a 6 or 8, it pays out in odds of 6 to 5. If you are determined to play craps, do not let the ruckus at the table scare you. All that hollering does not mean that it is a rough game. It just means that craps is an exciting game.


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