How to Play Roulette

14 July 2010
Roulette is a casino game that has been around since the 17th century. The game originally was played in France, but has since moved to other parts of Europe as well as almost every casino in the United States. Roulette is similar to craps, but also has many differences. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games because it is very easy to learn and has the potential to earn large amounts of money, although large amounts of money can also be lost in a relatively short amount of time. Unlike other games at the casino such as poker, roulette involves almost no skill but is nearly entirely luck.

Unlike games like poker or blackjack, roulette involves more watching than actual action. The only thing that you actually have to do in the game is to place your bets and collect your winnings - if you win. The dealer is charged with doing everything else. Unlike blackjack, you are allowed to play even if the table is full. All you do is simply reach between the players to place your bet. Each roulette table includes an area that shows the most recent rolls that have came up. Despite what many people think, this board means absolutely nothing. It is mathematically proven that each roll is entirely random from the last, and they are not dependent upon any previous rolls. Many people make the fatal mistake of basing their bets on previous rolls because they feel a certain number is due. This often leads to major losses because the rolls are completely random and independent from one another. So why are these boards up in the first place? The casinos purposely put them up because they know how much faith people put in them in order to place their bets. The casinos earn a lot of money just off of these boards. When you go the casino, don't even pay attention to the boards, and when you see people writing down the numbers on their tablets in order to make their prediction, simply laugh at them, knowing that they are on their way to losing major amounts of money.

Playing roulette is very easy and can be very fun, although you should only play in moderation due to the large chance that you can lose a lot of money in a very short period of time. To start, everybody at the table places their bets on the numbers that they want. You are allowed to bet on multiple numbers, but this isn't a very good strategy. After this, the dealer spins the ball and then declares that no new bets are allowed. At this point, players are not allowed to place new bets or change their existing bets. After the round has ended, the winners are paid and the whole process is repeated again.

Roulette is a very risky game to play because the house has a whopping 5% advantage over you. If you start on a winning streak, you should probably stop before the odds catch up to you. When betting, you used colored chips. You may also see players who have chips that have denominations on them. These are called cash chips and are not allowed to be bet with. After the winner is announced, the dealer pays out the winner with these special cash chips. These are allowed to be at the table but are not allowed to be bet with. Whenever the player wants, they can take these cash chips to the casino area and have them exchanged for real money.


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