Knowing the Roulette Rules

14 July 2010
Roulette is a very simple game, but there are a few rules that all players must adhere to. Unlike other games like Poker or Blackjack, roulette has nearly no game play and the only thing the players do is make their bets, then watch to see where the ball lands. Roulette is a very lax game, in fact it doesn't even matter how many players are at the table. There can be as many people as is possible to fit round the table, all they have to do is get their bet on the table in one way or another. As you can probably tell, there are only rules during the betting process. Below you will find what you can bet on during a typical betting round of roulette.

• Individual numbers are up to 36 – numbers 35 to 1 will get paid out

• Any numbers on a line, you can bet up to two numbers at once but only 17 to 1 get paid out

• All the numbers on a row, with 11 to 1 getting paid out

• Any numbers on the corner – 8 to 1 get paid

• Two rows – 5 to 1 payout

• Any of the following:
1st twelve numbers, 2nd twelve numbers and 3rd twelve numbers.
This payout is 2 to 1

• 1-18 to 19-36, only 1 gets paid out

• Red or black color area, 1 to 1 pay

• Even or odd number, 1 to 1 pay

There are quite a few situations in which you may find yourself betting, but keeping them all in track isn't actually that hard. After a good few hours of playing roulette, you will probably know all of the betting rules like the back of your hand and know which combinations of bets will net you the most money. The amount of money that you are paid is dependent upon which numbers you bet on. It is always a good idea to keep your bets working for you, not against you. Since any combination of numbers may work against each other, it would be pointless because you would actually in theory be playing against your own numbers, which isn't good.

Roulette is one of the most simple casino games that you can play. The only tricky part is figuring how much you can bet and what type of bet you can place. Even this should only take a few hours to understand, and by then you should be an expert at betting on Roulette. Gambling may be confusing at first because of the vast combination of possible bets that you can create, but after you get the hang of it, it can be exciting because of the vast amount of money that can be earned. There are also entire books that are written devoted entirely to the strategy and methods associated with roulette.

Just remember that the entire game of roulette is focused mainly around luck. After all, all you can do is bet on the outcome of the numbers and the roulette wheel decides the numbers, not you. Also, don't believe that you can somehow predict the numbers just based on previous rolls. Remember that all numbers are random and entirely independent of any previous numbers. Many gamblers get caught up in this mentality and end up losing great amounts of money.


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