Top Tips for Winning in Online Slots

23 August 2010
Do not take your bankroll for granted. After all, online casino winners are not born, but they are made by strategy and experience. There is just a way that you can maximize your chances of winning at online slots, and make your entertainment double and even more joyous.

a) Set your goals based on how and why you want to play slots. Sometimes it is also good to dedicate a certain percentage of your bankroll and make sure that you do not exceed that at all costs. Before you start playing, always make sure that you have in mind how much of your bankroll you want to spend. Casino gaming can get addictive as play progresses, thereby luring you to spend more and more of your money.

b) Whenever you play online, just make sure that you keep a sharp eye for any bonuses that you might be offered. Such bonuses are always advantageous in that they can offset the house edge a great deal. You will be in luck here, because all online casinos offer great bonuses to their regular players.

c) Make a habit of playing in one casino only, so that your account there can be kept busy and operating. Some casinos online have member clubs which are quite beneficial. For example, you can start just as a regular member and then progress all the way up to VIP rank. At this level, you are going to enjoy benefits like free games, cash rewards and bonuses and also, when you win, you are going to be entitled to be exempt of deductions from your commissions.

d) When you play online slots, make sure to look out for the loose machines which have higher chances of paying out more than the tight machines which are just that: tight. There is nothing out of the ordinary with this gesture because casino slot machines are programmed to be just like that, some loose and some tight. The advantage when you play online slots is that such perks are going to be announced in terms of percentages, like ‘play here and get an 80% payback’. This simply means that for every one dollar that you will spend, you are going to get a chance of an 80 cents payback. In live casinos, such machines are not easy to spot and players chance upon them by good luck.

e) Be of the right attitude, because being in a surly mood might make you slide into bad luck early in your game. When you are playing online, things are going to be a bit quiet and therefore there will not be anything that can help lift your mood. What you need is to only play when you are out to have a ball or when you are relaxed and feeling good about your play.

f) It is important to know and understand the machine that you are playing. This is because, with all the colors and jingles of an online slots casino, you might not be able to tell the difference between a multiplier, progressive or multi line slot machine. Identify your machine as soon as you start playing so that you can know what combinations of symbols to use to win.

Just be ready to have a ball whenever you turn on your PC to play online slots. Originally, these games were designed for fun and entertainment only, but later money came in. Granted, a win is more fun than a no win, but then if you do not win, you should not be too disappointed. After all, you will have had your share of fun.


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