Technological Advancement in Slot Machines

30 March 2011
Slot machines acquire a significant place in the world of gambling, as they yield almost 70% of the casino earnings. The changes have also occurred in the size of slot machines; now, they are available in increased size, in online as well as in brick and mortar casino. Slot machines are not new to the gamblers; whereas, they are in existence from last 100 years and have been through tremendous changes. Changes have occurred especially in the technology used in slot machines. Slot machines provide casino lovers to have a diverse playing experience every time.

Slot machines came in to existence in the late 1880s. The credit for inventing slot machines goes to Charles Fey of San Francisco, who invented the first slot machine in 1887. In this machine, there were five symbols on the reels and Fey has very beautifully managed the balance between the economic equation of demand and supply.

So, what is so special about slot machines, which attracts the gamblers? Three main attractions are there. First, slot is a simple and easy game. Second, the time span required to complete one game round is short as compared to other games. Last and the most interesting point is that players do not require any special skill or alertness for playing on slot machines.
The traditional slot machines were mechanical and worked on reels. When someone pulls the handle, the reels instantly start tails pinning and the number painted on the reels obtains the output. Modern slot machines depend upon on microchips. Technology advancement has made slot machines ever more convenient to play. One important point here is, only technology has changed but basic rules of the game remains the same.

In earlier times, players need to insert a coin in the slot machines and then, to pull the lever/button. However, with the advancement of technology, players just need to touch the lever symbol on touch-screen that enables the reels to attain motion. Here, image pointed on reel and on the screen provides the outcome.

It is a myth of the players that they need to have some special skills to win the game, but it is not so. Winning or losing purely depends on luck. When the images in the game line matches, the player wins and if not, he loses. In some cases, player wins based on his image also but that depends upon the selection of table made. Keeping the basic rule same, lot of diversifications accomplished in the game to make it more exciting.

A very popular variation of Slot machine is video poker. Video poker is type of a poker game; where the goal of the player remains to have a symbol appearing on screen that correspond to a winning poker hand. Video poker has attained a significant place among the casino lovers worldwide.

Video poker is similar to the slots gaming only. Here, the player needs to insert a coin in the machine and click on deal button. Machine generates some cards. Player can continue to play with those cards or can also reject them and draw new cards from the virtual deck. Machine then assesses the hand and the player gets the payout on that basis.

There are numerous variations were a player could play with machine or with other players. Slots game provides some interesting offers in the form of certain combination bonuses. An online slot machine has made it very convenient for the player to play from their home, enjoying the homely comfort instead of moving on brick and mortal casino.
Slot machine started with a simple concept and today it has become a major source of fun to the gamblers.


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