Slot Machines Myths

04 May 2011
There are a number of myths and superstitious thinking prevailing among the gamblers regarding gambling. Gamblers have framed infinite beliefs about this and also have complete faith that by doing certain stupid things, they can arouse their luck and can win big amount. Very commonly found beliefs in this regard are, by wearing a lucky shirt or by wagering on some specific day or time, they can win huge amount. Gambling myths and superstitious thinks are not limited to jut shirts and days of week but instead much beyond then that.

Now if you consider casino games then you will come to know that none of the game is that much indulged in these myths than do the slot machines. In this article, we have discussed in detail about the popular myths about slots machines and what the realities are.

Playing a certain machine for hours is sure to yield a jackpot.

You must have observed that, whenever any gamblers leave their seat to go to the washroom to get more coins for their play, they frequently ask there friend or other people to look after their seat. This is so because they have strong belief that by playing on a single machine for a long duration of time they will surely win the jackpot. Sometimes if they go to some other machine to try their luck, then they have some other person to hit the jackpot on their old machine.
The fact is that hitting jackpot has nothing to do with who many turns you have played on slots machine, but instead it depends to some extent on the way you push the button or pull the lever of the machine.

Never play a slot machine that just paid out a jackpot.
Never even think of seating on the slots machine that has recently given a jackpot, this belief is very similar to the one, where same seat is sure to earn you a large payout. This myth is based on the believe that, after given one jackpot the machine need to recover for the next jackpot, by not allowing people to win for sometime. These gamblers then seat in front of that machine only when some other gambler have spend some time playing on that machine.
The fact is that slots machines provide same chances of winning a jackpot to entire player, even after one has already been paid out.

Slot machines hits jackpot when played with one coin at a time.
Another very common misconception is that the amount of coins played on each turn affects the percentage of payout a slots machine makes. People having faith on this myth generally take a bucket of coins and only play one coin at a time, instead of putting more coins to earn big jackpot.
The fact is that slots machines is designed in such a way that it have same spin pattern all the time, and offer same chances to win the game, no matter how much coins you have wager on a turn.

A casino shifts the slots machines during busy times.

Majority of people who have seen that slots machines hits jackpot during the time when there is heavy traffic in casino, believes that, casino intentionally shifts the odds of the machines during the busy time so that most the people can see the winning jackpot and should continuously play to hit the jackpot.
The fact here is that, use your brain a little bit and think if casino will change the odds during the busy time then definitely their will be more chances that more and more people will hit the jackpot, which ultimately will causes loss on the part of casino.


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