Pirates Millions Video Slot

24 February 2011
Back by the popular demand, Pirate’s Millions of Video Slot games are on 888.com and it is ready to shake the gaming world’s brass tacks yet again. The innovative and enhanced game is set to kick off with a pirate’s reward of £8,888,888. Moreover, there are incredibly hearty surprises in the store for our viewers…  

On a murky and tempestuous night, the bloat in the Atlantic Ocean brings a king’s payoff in the jackpot burgle ever closer. A slink of moonlight breaks through out the clouds and alas, the squeaking vessel can be seen acerbic through the haze and revealing the potent Jolly Roger. On an old barge a crowd of savoir-faire seadogs curses beneath its gulp of air. The mass of their cargo threatens their ship to submerge, but they will not do division with a penny – unless ofcourse you may triumph it off them. Prepare to wager with a pirate and win an imprint. At 888 casino the revisit of the Pirate’s Millions video slots adventurous game has provoked most every betting aficionado. It is an excellent opportunity to prevail more than you ever dreamed possible of amount £8,888,888.

Shatter the pirate’s blight and put sail with treasure coffer of loot
Pirate’s Millions Video Slots is an enthralling 5-reel, 26 pay-line pirate themed video slots. The game features an assortment of scattered symbols and the bonus features – much to the glee of betting fans all over the world. Step on board me mateys and get pleasure from eight free spins to win an amazing fortune. The lofty seas are in the offing and 888 casino is providing the eventual gambling vessel to take you into the jackpot stratos. This is the largest online casino progressive jackpot in history and it all begins with a quick and easy casino downloading with totally no deposit required. Moreover, there is a magnificent bonus feature game just coming up to be tapped. Best of all, this hideous jackpot will open up to the gambling alliance, comes October 4th 2010.

The Pirate’s Millions video slots contest has enjoyed marvelous victory since beginning in of January 2010. Moreover, all signs are pointing towards even greater turnouts of scaly wags on the lofty seas. Unlike the prior version of the game, this time at around players will have 8 free spins to start (not 3 as prior to). The excitement around the contest is contiguous on electric. In addition to universal coverage in the online portals, forums and the advertising channels are the major television drive to announce the event. Getting started is a certainty – it’s like winning gold from a pirate – just sign up with a fast and simple registration at 888.com and set sail for the progressive jackpot utopia.

Prizes array from £50 to the large daddy of progressive jackpot payouts. Keep in mind mateys that time is of the real meaning. Set sail before the ending of your 30-day tenure after the registration and take pleasure in 8 free spins. Moreover, should you be triumphant, you will be requisite to make a least amount of deposit in order to take out your cargo of glitzy gold bullion. The Pirate’s Millions Video Slots is the leading competitor currently being featured at the 888.com Players will be capable enough to enjoy a progressive jackpot, second-to-none with big prize payouts and bounty of buzz.


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