Is Classic Slots Better Option then Video Slots

15 May 2011
Online gambling is the latest form of gambling which can be enjoy at the place of your convince and at your convenient time with the help of computer having internet access. It has evolved as like a revolution in the filed of gambling. With the advancement in the technology, huge growth has taken place in the field of online gambling. Online gambling offers a variety of games, but here in this article we will discuss about slots in detail. Online gambling when first came in to existence only few varieties of slots game were there and most of them were 1 payline slots game, which is known as “Classic slots”.

Classic slots are the slots game, which are usually found in the brick and mortal casinos, where a player need to have same symbol on the three payline so as to win the game. Prizes are awarded for various combinations on the payline like different symbol combination have different prize money, some symbols have higher pay while some have lower, awards are also given foe certain miss match symbols or just one cherry symbol. These slots game are much better in terms of pay off, here you get several chances to win back the amount you have wagered or much more then that.

An online slot is one of the most profitable slots games you have ever come across with. Its always beneficial if you have your odds with you while gambling and in the 1 payline classic slots as this will help you to win a huge amount or at least the minimum amount that you have wagered on the game. However, this is not the case with the newer video multi payline slot games, here the minimum amount that you need to wager is around 25 cents and even if you hit some of the winning combination then you only win back around 5cents. This clearly indicates that Classic slots have higher payout rate and much higher chances of hitting winning combination and also better odds of winning back the minimum amount. So now lets take a look on the video poker game.

Online Video Slots game is the latest and technologically advance version of slots game that everyone enjoy playing. But the gamblers who are very experienced and understand the miniature aspects of the game always prefer to look at the odds of the game, the payouts and percentage of winning of the game, after this they decide that whether the game is worthy to them or not. Lot of controversies surrounds this issue. For some, as discussed earlier although the payout percentage is very poor, expect for the blue moon hit where you can win pretty good amount of coin prizes. This new version of slots game offers various additional exciting features like bonus rounds, free spin bonus rounds, coin jackpot and wild symbols.

However, before you hit any of these special features you end up your having nothing left with you. Think yourself how many times you won a free spin bonus round on a multi payline slot game and also how much amount won in the end of the game, you yourself will realize that the cash you won does not worth the time you spend on the game for hitting the free spins rounds. Some slots players are very good in video slot games and are lucky enough to win huge cash amount.

The question that arises here is that if you spend the same amount of money and time on classic slots game then would you be able to win more amounts then the video slots game. Make sure to think on this topic before you select a slots game to spend your money as well as time.


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