Using Online Casino Deposits in Marketing

25 August 2010
With emergence of online casino, many gamers prefer to participate in these games instead of going to the brick and mortar casino. This can be attributed to the several benefits that can be reaped from online casinos. The major one is the bonus promotions. Bonuses are being used as a marketing strategy. There are quite a variety of games that are played online. Examples of the games that are rewarded with bonuses are slots, blackjack and slots among others.
The bonuses offered are classified in a number of varieties. These classifications are determined by: terms of deposit, length of the player in the casino and the regulations regarding withdrawal of cash. These basics are used to formulate the rules that are used to rule all online casinos bonus availability strategies. Here is a brief outline of the means that are used to ensure that the bonuses given in online casinos will net market for the casino.

There are the casino deposit bonuses that are offered by some casinos when they are being launched. This bonus ensures that all gamers, who deposit an amount that exceeds a certain amount for the first time after signing in, will be given an amount that is double their deposits. New gamers will be attracted to sign in the casino and make deposits so that they can get these deposits. As a result, the customer base of the casino increases.

These are also casino deposit percentage deposits. This is a bonus that is given to people who are signing in a casino. The amount of bonus rewarded to the players is mostly a percentage of the amount that they deposit. This bonus encourages new gamers to deposit huge amounts of initial deposits in their first deposits. When gamers are making big deposits, this will ensure that they will have big percentage discount that will be added into their account allowing them to play several games, mostly of high edge without going out of cash.

Another popular kind of bonus is casino zero risk. This is a special kind of bonus where gamers are supposed to make deposits on the casinos before they are rewarded. In case the gamer loses the amount deposited, it will be automatically restored in your account. This risk free bonus return enhances more new gamers to come in the casino since they are sure that the amount they lose will be returned up to an amount not exceeding $100.

There are also other forms of bonuses that require no deposit. These bonuses are also called download bonuses. They are offered to the gamer as a result of signing up with a certain site. The bonuses can be as much as $25.

Another form of bonus that you can get without having to place a deposit is the vote bonus. This bonus only requires people awarded to vote for the casino awarding the bonuses. Once the casino has received a confirmation that you have voted for it in certain forums, the deposit is sent to you directly. This is just an incentive by the company to encourage people to vote for it, so that it can gain popularity in forums and get good reviews that will attract more traffic.
There are other bonuses called refer a friend bonus. This is given to those people who refer new clients to the casino. It is only meant to encourage members of the casino to recruit other gamers into the casino.

However, due to abuse of bonuses, all gamers are required to make deposits before they cash the money. This is happening with many of the casinos and is a precautionary measure to control frauds of making deposits and then withdrawing them, thus incurring loses to the casino.


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