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25 August 2010
Online casino bonuses have been developed as motivational tools for lovers of online casino. There is a pull of bonuses that users or players can choose, based on their tastes and preferences. Below are some of the bonus types currently offered currently online.

1. To begin with, we have the popular New Player bonus which is also referred to as welcome bonus. Of the available bonuses, this type of bonus has gained immense popularity among online casino lovers. The least amount of bonus in this category is $100. It is upon a game player to find out how & when this bonus is up for grab. More often than not, it is broken down for the player to $ 100 on a monthly basis.

2. Another online casino category is the percentage bonus which differs, depending on the deposit sum. In most cases, the bonus sum ranges between 50 per cent and 500 per cent. The 100% bonus is termed as match bonus which realistically stands for money bonus. This type of bonus is also popular among casino players.

3. Third on the list of casino bonuses is the reloaded bonus. This bonus category has gained favor among casino players based on the fact that it keeps on reloading the players’ gambling account. It resembles the famous welcome bonus.

4. Next on line is the amazing no deposit bonus. This type of online casino bonus accommodates virtually everyone, regardless of the player’s economic status. This is because the bonus does not require any money from the player. When a player opens a gambling account, an additional amount is put as an incentive to the player and in most cases it is $10.

5. Another bonus category is the Preferred Deposit Bonus. As the name suggests, this bonus category is a preferred structure of payment which works electronically, depositing money in the gambler’s account. Casinos prefer getting their payments in various forums and this is just one of those favorite options. Gamblers can receive between 5 and 15 percent automatically on their accounts. However, gamblers should not be mistaken to believe that they are entitled to the 15 per cent when they make deposits of 3000 dollars a time when a casino has announced a 300-dollar preferred deposit bonus. It denotes that for a gambler to get the 15 per cent, he must deposit $20,000.

6. The next category of bonuses which only benefits regular casino players and visitors is the exclusive Lofty bonus. The players should be great players who have reached a certain pre-defined senior level. The superior the gambler’s status, the more he is bound to benefit from this bonus. This bonus covers a large percentage of available bonuses.

7. Another bonus type that is also gaining popularity among casino players is termed as high roller. These are loftier deposits made by gamblers. This bonus goes beyond $1000. What this means is that a casino player is bound to receive an extra 1000 dollars upon making a 2000-dolllar deposit. What an amazing offer!

8. Last but not the least, we have the Casino whores bonus where a casino player gambles conservatively with a casino’s money. This is one bonus category where a gambler spends so little in the game. The bonus works perfectly with slot bonuses offered online where so little significant bonuses exist.

All the above mentioned bonuses give casino players a perfect way of rotating their money and having fun while at the same time putting their money at a risk. They serve as backups in the gambling game. With this vast category of bonuses that cuts across all incomes and levels of casino players, you cannot fail to find your perfect match.


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