Gambling is a Psychological process

11 January 2011
To ones who are great fans of gambling, the idea of heading to their favorite, live or virtual casino games makes their mouth water.
The fantasy of tons of credits or huge piles of chips inundating into their accounts sends mood inspiring endorphins executing throughout their brains.
However, how is it all initiated? What is the psychology behind the gambler and gambling too?
The Psychology of Desire to lay bets

While the actual process of laying a bet may be a sophisticated one, but the aspiration to wager is quite simple and primordial.
We learn lot of things in our life, through gambling. It is an ongoing process of acquiring skills of betting.

As children suppose to do that work, which their parents say, not to do. Same way is the gambling. It’s just like touching the hot stove. And when the hand get burnt, it is itself removed from fire. In the same way when one loose in gambling, he learn not to do it again.

As teenagers, we may get a gamble on asking to a member of the opposite sex, or may join a sports team or can take part in the school for a role-play.

If any of these things work out for us as an advantage, we will definitely want to continue to do them repeatedly.

The Psychology of Conditioning or habituation
Gambling can be called as conditioning action, because when a reward is corresponding with a behavior, it encourages a recurrence of the behavior. Moreover, it happens everywhere in the animal kingdom.

You may remember the famous experiment of reflex action with Pavlov's dog. As Pavlov use to ring a bell, before providing food to the dog, the mouth of the dog starts drooling until the dog gets the food. Same goes with the Gambling. If once a person gets addicted to it, it’s repeatedly the one wants to gamble.

We are financially contended when we win a lucky jackpot, and we continue to return to the casino tables even when we have walked out with empty hands.

The Psychology of constant Gambling
The psychology behind the constant gambling even after continual losses comes from the idea of intermittent conditioning. Continuous rewards that are followed by a lengthy pause of no reward and will often result in extermination of the wagering behavior. The person should learn from this constant casino gaming that if the reward will no longer be provided, he should immediately stop gambling.

However, if the reward is provided occasionally, that is, sometimes the online casino player gets it and sometimes he does not get it, the behavior of the player will continue for much longer time even after a comprehensive period with no reward, because the player will never know about the one if the another reward is forthcoming.

This, in quintessence, is the psychology of gambling. When you play the online slots games, for instance, you will never get to know, when that next huge win might come and it is therefore sometimes difficult to quit from online gambling.


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