Ways to Beat the Dealer in the Game of Blackjack

12 September 2010
Blackjack is one of the games that are especially popular among those played online. Unlike other games that rely absolutely on luck like pokies, you can develop some strategies that increase your chances of winning. Players are supposed to beat the dealer without exceeding 21. The game of Blackjack is both fascinating and challenging to play. To reduce the odds of losing, here are some tips by blackjack players that will assist in reducing the odds of losing at this game.

Most players make the false assumption that all dealers have face cards. It is not possible that dealers will always have a 10 underneath. If you already hold the belief that the dealer has face cards, you start hitting instead of standing. There are only 16 face cards in a pack of cards.

If there are more than 5 people playing in the game, each player stands a chance of holding three face cards at the most. The face cards include two pairs each of Queens, 10s, Jacks and Kings. Therefore, it is very rare for the dealer to be in possession of a `10’ equivalent underneath.
To ensure that you stand greater chances of winning, scrutinize the cards carefully as they lie. This is another assumption that can help players in coming up with conclusions that can really assist in winning. In a table where there are five players and the dealer the sixth and you are all given cards that are lower than 10, you can then safely assume that the dealer has a 10 underneath. You will have to observe the cards that have been dealt and ensure that all of them are low before you make this conclusion.

Cards that are low range from 2 to 9. Novice players are supposed to learn this tip that when there are a lot of cards that have been served at the beginning, high cards will then follow. Similarly, if there are high cards that are served at the beginning, there are low cards that will follow.

To increase the amount you earn per win, determine the best time to be pressing your bets. Pressing bets is done when you are in a more advantageous position than the dealer. An example of a suitable situation where you can press your bets is when all the cards that come out initially are low. Professionals recommend that in this case, you should increase your bets as much as three times your initial bet. Most of the gamers who never press their bets either go broke or leave with the same bankroll. Blackjack happens to be one of those games that are you can lose as much as you are earning. When bets are pressed, a gamer’s bankroll is greatly increased leaving some profit at the end of the game.

Playing blackjack is fascinating and requires gamers to be wary. If you have had good luck and made some profits, just leave the table. Do not expect that your luck will keep increasing. Your ‘luck’ might turn making you lose both your profits and original deposit. Likewise, if you are playing roulette at a table that you are constantly losing, do not keep investing more money with hopes of recovering the lost amount. This might never happen. You will increasingly deplete your bankroll. Instead, move away from that table and try another one that may favour you.
Some gamers keep on losing without moving on. If you have lost more than three times consecutively with a low score while the dealer was making it to 20 and 21 respectively, quit that game since that indicates that the dealer overshadows your experience by far. Since most casinos do allow clients to move on from one table to the other, changing tables can highly reduce losses.


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