Useful Tips Regarding MultiHand Blackjack Strategy

23 June 2011
Blackjack is a Casino game where winning or losing depends on player’s strategy. Multi-hand blackjack is a version of blackjack, from the name itself its clear that its more complicated then the normal blackjack game and thus strategy here, plays very prominent role here. Along with strategy, luck is also involved here, but if you play following proper strategy then you can surely direct the game in your favor.

Play Multi-Hand Blackjack in an Online Casino
Although multiple-hand blackjack game can be enjoyed in brick and mortal casino but still its always suggested to avoid playing several hands of blackjack at land-based casino because here the dealer will pressurize you to play faster and will not give you enough time to think, this will ultimately have adverse effect on your game. So its advisable to play multi-hand blackjack at online casino. In online casino the game is not time bound, hence you can take your own time to think and can apply your own strategy in the game.

Strategy for Blackjack
To get an advantage over the dealer, in most of the online blackjack the dealer need to stop in seventeen, even if you get 17 by having Ace valued at 11. This means that an Ace plus a six will cause the dealer to hold. In case you draw an Ace and six, then you can draw again. If the next card drawn by you is four or less then four then you have grate chances of winning the blackjack game. In case your next card is more then four, then your ace will become one and you will stay in the game.

The best result is as and when you draw the ten or the face card (having eternity ten value) and the Ace (which either has a value one or eleven). These 2 cards add up to 21, or a Blackjack. Then you win. Every single hand with the blackjack is then a winner.

In the multi-hand blackjack, it is where you can employ till five hands, and you can win all the five times with the blackjacks.

Special Strategy for Multi Hand Blackjack

In multi-hand blackjack, you are allowed to play five times at once. Players who are familiar with all the aspects of blackjack prefer to play multi-hand blackjack instead of the normal version. This is so because, while playing multiple hands you can apply different blackjack strategy for each hand. Thus, you can make one hand extremely aggressive and other never bust by holding at very low numbers. The advantage here is if one hand does not work, the other will work. You can employ blackjack strategies as per your style and convenience. If you wish, you can employ five completely different strategies for all the five hands, but do that only if you find it convenient to do.

The most important blackjack strategy that helps you to gain a competitive edge over dealer is apportioned of your bet. Decide in advance that amount that you can afford to risk and how much you would be satisfied winning. Now after decide the amount, divide that amount with the number of rounds you wish to play. The outcome of this will be the amount, which you can wager on each hand. The mistake that most of the players commit is that they do not stop playing after loosing the pre-decided amount. Instead, they should stop playing for loosing the pre-decided amount or else it will create a big problem for them.


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