Online Casino Blackjack tips for Winning

12 September 2010
Blackjack is also called 21. This is a popular card game available in brick and mortar casinos and in online casinos too. This game is interesting, since it creates the challenge of several players dealing with one dealer. In most cases, this game tends to favor the dealer, but there are some tips available for use by gamers that can help them get close to 21 points without exceeding it in order to corner the dealer.

Here are some of the common tips that legends of the game have been using to beat dealers:

1. Just like in other games, you will have to learn the basics of playing blackjack. Internet gaming provides a vast source of this information. The game starts with the dealer taking the hitting card. This card is supposed to be a hand that is lower than 16. The players are then supposed to take a minimum hand of 17 and not go above 21. For you to be a winner, you will have to be between 17 and 21. Nonetheless, there are some circumstances that gamers can still emerge winners with hands lower than 17. This is in a situation where the dealer goes above 21. The aces in the game are counted as 11 but in case the hands exceed 21, an ace can change to 1. Blackjack provides a wide variation of bet minimums and options for players. The kind of blackjack variations played also contributes to variation on blackjack tables.

2. It is important to plan the amount of money that you are willing to lose. Once the money you had planned to play with is all gone, quit the game and move on. Some gamers keep on betting, even after having made substantial losses that are sometimes impossible to pay. When you are on a lean streak, you may be dazed to the extent that you are not capable of thinking straight. You will make blunders that will contribute to more losses that are likely to cost you more than you can afford to pay.

3. When choosing tables to play in, consider picking one where players appear relaxed. This will help you to focus on the game and think out your steps wisely. There are some players who create diversions for fellow players to make them lose focus.

4. When you are dealt two cards that bear the same value, consider splitting them. This gives you a chance of playing two hands consecutively and doubling your bets too. This increases your chances of winning. However, it is not advisable to split the face cards that include 5 and 10. Ensure that you consider the cards that appear on the table so that you can know what card to take.

5. It is important to look at situations when you stand a chance to beat dealers. If you think you have a chance to outsmart the dealer, double down. Players double down against dealers. Players are issued with an extra card upon being dealt an extra card. This card can help you to win.

6. In all places, there are people who are dishonest. Most of the dealers are paid meager wages that do not help them have a decent life. Since they are in need of money, include a tip when depositing. If you give the dealer a tip when placing your bets, they can help you achieve your goals. Dealers who are tipped are jovial and can help you be in the mood for the game. If you win, double the tip. This will make the dealer favor your winning since they are aware you will give them a tip that will assist them to lead a better life.


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