7Spins Casino

Name:  7Spins Casino
Web Launch:  2008
Software:  Top Game
Company:  7Spins.com
Jurisdiction:  Costa Rica
Phone:  US Toll-free: 1-877-294-5234
UK Toll-free: 0-808-234-3167
Fax:  1-703-991-8879

7Spins Casino Bonus Information

Maximum Bonus: $2,400
Bonus Match: 300%
No Deposit Bonus: $10

Rating Spec.Superonlinecasino


  • Software & Graphics0
  • Game Variety0
  • Maximum Bonus0
  • Bonus Match0
  • Wagering Requirements0
  • Payout Ratio0
  • Loyalty Bonus0
  • Deposit/Withdrawal0
  • Support0

Great Features

  • Phone & E-mail support
  • Tons of payment options
  • Smooth software
  • Play all games in demo
  • Great pay-out percentage
  • Huge welcome bonus
  • Accepting all players worldwide
Not So Good
  • No multilingual software / support

7Spins Casino Review

7Spins Casino is among the newly introduced offerings in the online games casinos. The casino features all that is best in the online leading casino games. All citizens of US are allowed to play the games that are available at this top online casino platform.
The 7Spins Casino is experiencing excellent customer loyalty. They have a customer care service that is unparalleled. The staff is well informed about the games and the activities that go on in the casino hence are capable of giving comprehensive answers to the clients who call in. Moreover, the gaming software that is used in this casino is 100% customer friendly. The graphics are tinted with brown and gold shades. These colors have proved very attractive to the clients; they are clear and eye-catching.
Spins Casino boasts 80 games that are provided for its gamers’ pleasure. Examples of the games played in this casino include roulette, video poker, keno, roulette, classic slots and video slots among many others. The large variety of games allows the gamers to have a great selection to choose from. Some people are also fond of playing several games at the same time. These multiple games are also responsible for netting a lot of clients who are looking for a variety of games to play.
The rewards system at the 7Spins is also appealing to many clients. There are five of them that have especially promising returns. These 5 progressive jackpots that are offered include: Bingo, Wild Sevens, Stars and Stripes, Monster madness and Fruit jackpot. All these jackpots ensure that the clients will have plenty of rewards to motivate them to play more.
The 7Spins Casino also has another rewarding system that allows clients to accumulate points depending on the amounts that they wager. Depending on the number of points that the clients have already accumulated, they are invited to join the VIP club. One advantage for clients is that there are qualified accounts staff members that are responsible for calculating the amounts that they wager. The clients are also allowed to contact the accounts team in case there are issues that require advice. The account management team is also the one that will approve you for the VIP class that you wish to enter.
The new players in this casino are incredibly well rewarded. Newcomers are allowed a discount bonus of 300% for the first amount deposited not exceeding 2,400 dollars. In addition to the great bonuses that are offered in this casino, the new players are offered an extra bonus of 7 dollars. This bonus is completely free and is granted upon the opening of an account. This bonus is given on the grounds of a new customer starting a new account. Deposit is not required for clients to retrieve this sum.
The 7Spins Casino has a website that is used for the purpose of keeping the gamers updated on the issues regarding this casino. Casino dealers advertise bonuses and other big offers that are expected to be held in the casino here. It also acts as a forum board for the clients to present their suggestions to the dealers of the casino.
The clients are also given a number of ways in which they can place their deposits in their account. This site accepts all the major credit cards and online payment services that are available. This makes the depositing of the cash easy to deal with.
In case clients are incapable of accessing the accounts management or the customer support team through one contact, there are a variety of ways that are available. You can call this customer care using toll free phone, faxing, emailing and live chat among other suitable methods that you may prefer.

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