What is Shockwave Video Poker Game

08 September 2011
Shockwave Poker is one modification of video poker, which is developed by famous software provider of online casino named CTXM. The game of Shockwave Poker is available at instant play option also by the software at Bodog Casino.

About Shockwave Poker game

Shockwave Poker is totally different from other video poker variants. First of all the game is different in visual appearance. Here, not only the playing area for the game is made in innovative environment but also the cards are different. The pictures of the cards, such as jacks, queens and kings do not possess their usual icons but are skillfully represented as alien robots. The difference between the Shockwave Poker game and any other video poker variant in such that some online players may get attracted by this game while some others may not like this game so much as compared to other online poker video variant played before.

Payout table for Shockwave Poker game

Payout table for Shockwave poker highlights that payout starts either with better or with dealer of the online casino game. However, some discriminating player will definitely understand that this is different from payout table of any other video poker game. Shockwave poker game offers 8/5 variant such that Full house pays 8 to 1 and Flush pays 5 to 1.

Wagering amount for Shockwave Poker game

The game starts in almost similar manner as other online video poker starts. Players will have to select the coins numbered from 1 to 5 and coin size will be from minimum amount of $0.10 to maximum amount of $5.00 for the game. Now initial hand of the players is fixed and players have to make decision about the cards that they should keep on hold. After the decision of the player, remaining cards are replaced and final hand is tallied with payout table. Shockwave poker game is controlled by the common buttons, normally found in any video poker games. Doubling bonus round starts after every winning result in the game. Players can wager their entire winning money or half of their winning money for the double bonus round. Now, card possessed by the dealer is fixed faced up and other four cards are dealt face down. Player has to select one of the cards and if the value of his card is greater than that one having with the dealer, the wagered amount of the player becomes doubled in value.

Shockwave mode in Shockwave Poker Game

Whenever, any player gets four equal cards as final hand, the game goes to the Shockwave mode. The mode starts with the next hand of the player and ends at any two conditions that are either at the end of ten hands placed by the player or for another four equal cards hand of the player. During this mode the counter gets displayed on the screen and after the end of this mode, counter of the game again vanishes. If player again gets four equal cards, in the Shockwave mode, he will be paid at bonus rate.

Limitation of Shockwave Poker

The main problem in this poker game is that bonus rate is not given either on the screen or in the Help files. Thus, players here can not able to do mathematical analysis of their costs and benefits and thus can not able to conclude about their lower payouts that whether they are compensated adequately or not. Also probability of getting four equal cards for 2 times in the game is a rare condition. Therefore, this is concluded by many online players that Shockwave Poker game can be played only in practice mode for having fun in the casino.


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