Myths vs. Facts in Video Poker Game

16 February 2012
Today, video poker has become one of the popular games played at worldwide online casinos. However, with the increase in popularity of video poker games, the myths associated with this game has increased among the video poker players. One of the main reasons of increase in number of myths amongst us may be due to the paytable displaying on the board. This article has given focus on highlighting some of the myths and corresponding facts associated with video poker games.

Myth 1
First, most of the video poker players have perceived that they will get less payout from the lower denomination game as compared to the poker games having high denominations.

Corresponding Fact
The fact opposing this myth of poker players is that as the games have incorporated similar pay table, so definitely they will pay equal amount of money, regardless of size and denomination of wagered coins. The video poker games will give equal amount of money for flush, regardless of playing for dollars or for nickels. The players can use the flush for other winning combinations. In fact, most of the casinos use coins of lower denomination for providing high value of payouts. For example, we will have Full pay Deuces Wild mostly on quarter games, rather than on dollar games.

Myth 2
Second, most of our friends playing video poker games are having the perception that they should dealt with less number of aces on video poker machines offering massive jackpots on four aces.

Corresponding Fact
The fact opposing this myth is that players will have the opportunity to receive more numbers of Aces on games providing massive jackpots for 4 Aces. Some of these types of popular games are Super Aces and Double Bonus Poker. This is because we can recover the money offered for jackpot from reduced numbers of other winning combinations obtained from these games. The professional players will not make use of the same strategy and gaming skills on varying poker games. We know that the Super Aces game will offer massive jackpot amount for having 4 aces. Therefore, in these types of games, players could make frequent use of the Aces cards. on the other hand, gaming rules incorporated in J or B (Jacks or Better) poker games are entirely different from Super Aces game. In J or B poker game, the players should keep the Aces only for full house. The video poker machine deals all of the cards in random manner, but the way, in which we have utilized our poker cards influencing the frequency of 4 Aces.

Myth 3
Most of the video poker players perceive that in case of discarding one card, they could replace that card with another card having similar denomination.

Corresponding Fact
The fact opposing to this myth of players is that if we discard only one card of similar denomination, we can replace the card approximately 3 times in 47 plays. Now, let us understand the fact with suitable example. Suppose, we have received cards of 7,8,9 and 10 of varying suits and from them we have thrown away the card of Jack. We know that the deck will have 52 cards and we have already seen 5 cards. This implies that at present, only 47 cards are left in front of us. From these 47 cards, we will have only three cards as Jack. Therefore, the probability of drawing a Jack card in this case will be 3/47.
So, players must ignore all the related myths and should start enjoying the game with a new spirit.


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