Different Aspects of Video Poker Game

01 July 2011
Video poker is one of the most popular games in recent times. Video poker is a combination of slots game and poker game. As per the experts video slots is more of the video poker then the slots game, as in this one part is slots and three parts is poker. The only similarity between slots and video poker is that both are viewed on a screen.

In Slots game winning or losing depends solely on luck but in case of video poker along with luck expertise skill and knowledge also plays a very important role. While playing slots you only need to take decision regarding how much to wager and which machine seems the most appealing. Whereas in case of video poker you need to take some more crucial decision, although video poker is not as difficult as the real poker but still skill and knowledge from players end have a great impact on the outcome of the game.

How to Play Video Poker
Video poker is a 5-card draw poker game, in video poker players is neither playing against the dealer nor other opponent players. Instead, in video poker, you are playing against the computer and different winning combinations are based on the pay table on the game you are playing. There is a misconception among various poker players that land-based video poker is better then the online video poker game, but the fact is that online video poker is played exactly the same way as played in brick and mortal casino. Before you start playing video poker, learn about how many coins the specific game, different video poker games take accepts coins of different denominations and various numbers of coins.

Once you have made your bet five cards appear in a horizontal row, all of them facing up on the screen. After this look your cards very carefully and then decide which card you want to hold and which one you wish to discard. The number of cards you discard the same number of cards you are allowed to draw, if you do not discard any card then you cannot draw any card. After you have selected the card, you wish to discard just click on the Draw button and the machine will discard the older card and will throw you the new one. Now the hand you have formed is your final hand and you need to play your game further with this hand.

How to Win at Video Poker
As we have discussed earlier that the major reason behind the popularity of video poker game is that, this game calls for expertise skill and therefore planned strategy can increase your chances of wining. Now as there are different variations of video poker game so each variation calls for a different strategy, if you are applying a universal video poker strategy to the versions then it may have adverse affect on your game. Therefore, before you are opting for any video poker game make sure to gather complete knowledge about nit.

Some of the useful tips that are helpful while video poker game is that always try to hold straight flush, royal flush, full house and four of a kind and discard the other two cards. The best part of video poker game is that its not as easy as slots game and not as complicated as the real slots game and you are not pressurized to take quick decisions, so take your time and then take any decision. Therefore, always remember go slow so that you do not make mistake.


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