Various Roulette Related Myths

27 February 2012
Roulette is a casino game where winning depends on the combination of both skill as well as luck. This is also a known fact that any of the casino gaming luck element involves in it are always legends abound and same is the case with roulette game. Therefore, if you want to enjoy and roulette game then you should not take these baseless points very seriously. Here in this article, we have discussed about some of the common myths, which most of the people believe in.

All the roulette wheels are identical:
One very common myths believed by most of the roulette players is that almost all the roulette wheels are identical. However, this is not true. It’s a known fact that there are various version of roulette game played in the world, in fact inside the same casino. Some roulette wheels have single zero while others have double zero along with the single zero. If we take a look on online casinos then there are various version of roulette wheels differing in size, shape, colors and so on.

Wheels are not randomized:

It is not possible to have standardization of each of the roulette games. Indeed, there is no internal motor for dictating the number of rotations made by the wheel during a spin cycle. Thus, in this manner, some of the numbers would come more frequently as compared to others. Therefore, this is only because of the nature of probability that number 8 appearing approximately 3 times in one row, while appearing 5-6 times in a sequence. This would be only probable that number would display at certain point, but this never becomes certainty. In addition, most of the players believe that with the help of some suitable methods, they could fix the wheel, so that roulette ball always stops on particular color. However, in case the ball seems to land in more favorable manner on any one color, they would be convinced that their next throw would definitely follow the suit. The information regarding online roulette would be informative for both new players and those who have not played for long time. Therefore, once we would go through essential gaming techniques, we would become enough competent for earning huge amount of profit.

Prefer to enjoy European roulette
Very few people are actually aware of the basic difference between a European roulette and an American roulette. Well European roulette is the one having single zero, whereas American roulette is the one having single zero as well as double zero.
Although this difference of single zero and double zero does not make much difference but still addition of an extra zero can raise your house edge by 2.63%. You will be amaze to now that casinos offering American roulette enjoy twice the profit as enjoyed by the casinos offering European roulette game. For instance, the house benefit of American roulette is 5%, whereas of European roulette is just 25%.

Next, avoid placing bad bets:

Roulette players are always advised not to place bad bets; players should avoid placing Corner bets. This Corner bet comprise of zero, double zero, 1, 2 and 3. If you place this type of bet then you are simply offering the house an advantage of 7.90% (approx). It’s like you are simply handing money to the casino without playing anything.

If you are willing to win roulette game then you need to place the bet in relation with the probability of the game. For this player need to listen to their instinct and then need to play the game accordingly as the game appears to be playing out. Its true that there is no certainty in roulette game but still it can help you to some extent.


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