Role of Parlay System in Increasing Winning Odds in Roulette

01 February 2012
Today, Roulette game has become very much popular among almost all land-based and online casinos. Roulette games are generally available to players in either European style as European Roulette or in US style as American Roulette. As similar to slots, scratch cards, keno, bingo and any other lottery games, winning in the game of Roulette is solely depend on luck of the players, rather than any of the expertise strategy. However, some of the experienced players have developed strategies and systems so that they can increase their winning chances in Roulette game.

Today, the novices of Roulette will have many strategy systems such as Martingale system, Pivot system, Fibonacci system, Parlay system and so on for increasing their chances of winning in Roulette. Although, there are large numbers of roulette systems available for new roulette players, but this may not be necessary that all of these systems will give best results to them. Therefore, we should select the strategy system, which helps in giving winning results to us in Roulette. Therefore, with this article, I have described about the one of the strategy systems for Roulette game as Parlay system.

About Parlay System

The Parlay system is one among the few roulette strategy systems, which favors the luck more than gaming skills. There are many experienced players winning massive amounts of money from the application of Parlay system. On the other hand, many of the roulette players have lost huge money from this system. Therefore, players have been suggested to try the game of Roulette with Parlay strategy system in free online website.

Working of Parlay System

The Parlay strategy system associated with Roulette game is also referred as Let it Ride system. The reason for this is that here, players with let their bets to ride. Now, if the players will have some knowledge about Martingale system, then they will be well aware of that they could double their bets in case of each loss and after this they will go back to their initial betting amount when they will win. On the other hand, in Parlay system, the rule is exactly opposite to Martingale strategy system. Parlay system is suggesting the players to double their bets after every win.

Validity of Parlay System in Roulette

Although, strategy systems are helpful in increasing winning odds of the players, but most of these strategy systems have given best results on only even money bets such as High or Low bets, Red or Black bets and Even or Odd bets. This is also same with the case of Parlay strategy system in roulette. Parlay system is perfectly suitable for all types of even money bets. However, this system will become very much complicated in case of number bets.

Limitations of Parlay System

As the coin has two phases, similarly the strategy systems used for increasing the winning odds in Roulette game has also incorporated some drawbacks. This is similar in case of Parlay system. The main limitation of Parlay system is that Parlay system is solely depends on luck. Therefore, this system generally attracts new players of roulette as they perceive to win massive amounts from Parlay system. Since, Parlay system has incorporated no real gaming strategy; therefore, players should try to avoid this system as possible.

Positive Side of Parlay System in Roulette

The Parlay system is highly suitable for novice roulette players, who will only play based on their luck. In fact, Parlay system is responsible for providing a working platform for the players, as compared to random betting.


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