Overview and Basic Rules of Playing Roulette Game

06 February 2012
Roulette games have incorporated one of the best features that the gaming rules of roulette is simple and can be easily understandable among the players, as compared to gaming rules of any other casino games. Although, players have to keep lots of information in their minds, but still we can say that rules of playing Roulette is very much easy as compared to other casino games. However, before starting to play the game of online roulette for real money, players should give some time for ensuring that they have clearly and thoroughly understand the rules of Roulette game. In addition, players should ensure that they have achieved mastery in the Roulette game. In fact, players should always remember that without having a proper understanding the rules, it will be practically impossible to play online roulette game.

First thing that is required to understand that players will play in the casino with the help of chips. Chips are simply defined as the tokens, which every player will purchase and will correspond to a definite sum in monetary terms. The way of purchasing the casino chips in online casino has incorporated slight difference as compared to buying of casino chips in land-based casinos. However, the buying principle for casino chips will still remain the same. In addition, the online casino website has provided chips of different colors for all the individual players playing at same gaming table. Hence, in this way, online casinos have developed an excellent method to avoid confusions in outcomes, which can occur among the players, playing at the same table and at same time.

The overview of Roulette game has incorporated one wheel. The inner side of the wheel will have number series arranged in alternate red and black colors, excluding the section having numeric value as 0. This section is being filled with green color. Players can place number bet on any of the numbers placed on the section of Roulette wheel except 0. Alternatively, players can place color bets on black and red colored sections on the roulette table. In addition to this, online casinos have provided players to place their bets on particular sections such as section for colors, sections for even and odd bets, placing bets on starting 12 numbers that is from 1 to 12, on middle 12 numbers that is from 13 to 24 and for last 12 numbers from 25 to 36. In addition to this, players can also place their bets on either first half numbered sections or on next half numbered sections on the Roulette wheel.

Now, for establishing the winning bets, the croupier of Roulette game will rotate the wheel in a particular direction. After this, croupier will spin the ball, as similar to ball-bearing in opposite direction so that the ball will rotate across the circumference of the roulette wheel. As the roulette wheel and the ball will come to slow down, the corresponding number and the color section, on which the ball rest would be considered as winning number or color.

At the beginning of each round, every player will place their bet. Each of the players will place the desired number of chips at the specific place on the roulette table. After all the players will place their bets, croupier throws the roulette wheel and allows the ball in taking circumference of the Roulette wheel. Before few second of taking final run of the ball, the croupier will announce to stop placing the bets. From this moment, croupier will not allow any player for further placing their bets.


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