Outstanding Varieties of Online Roulette Game

19 March 2012
Online roulette is one of the best means to find wide range of roulette games. Most of you will be amazed to know about the countless roulette variation available. Here in this article, we have discussed in detail about some of the most popular roulette games known to players.

European Roulette
The first and the foremost roulette variation is the European roulette game, this game is very common and popular among roulette players. This game is characterized by having thirty-seven spaces. These spaces are named as one zero and the other from 1-36. This single zero is the distinguishing factor between European roulette game and the American roulette game. This is because American roulette is a game, which features “0” as well as “00”. Another difference is related to the house edge associated with the games, such as European roulette game has 2.70% house edge, whereas American roulette game 5.26% house edge. This clearly shoes the reason why most of the player prefers to enjoy European roulette instead of American roulette.

Live Roulette
Usually players perceive that online roulette game fails to offer you live gaming experience however, it’s not true. Live roulette games offer you holistic gaming experience; you can enjoy the thrill of live gaming sitting in your drawing room or bedroom with live dealers and fabulous audio and video of wheels. As you will start enjoying online roulette game, you will find a live dealer standing in front of you and the betting options relay on dealer and the casino. As the players are done with placing their bet then the live dealer will decide the wager. Some of the online casinos makes the game even more interactive, which boast the moral of the player as well as gives a social aspect o the game. This is done via live chatting feature; some of the online casinos offer its players live chatting facility with the dealer. Thus, using this feature you can chat with the dealer and can resolve any of your queries while gaming.

3D Roulette
Although, nothing can actually match up with live roulette game, but still dimensional roulette game has given its own definition of live roulette game. 3D roulette game is best for those players who are bored of enjoying the same European roulette game repeatedly. In case, you are willing to enjoy roulette game but at the same time not having time to visit any brick and mortal casino then in this condition 3D roulette game is the game for you.

Rockin’ Roulette
Another very interesting version of roulette game is the Rockin’ Roulette. This game is also played on European roulette wheel however; the twist here is that the numbered balls are shuffled around a glass dome. These numbered balls represents slots present on the roulette wheel and the number, which is selected is considered as the winning number.

American Roulette
As discussed earlier, the house edge associated with the American roulette game is very high; hence players usually avoid enjoying American roulette games. However, this does not mean that the American roulette game does not exists, some casino still run this game. In order to make this game even more interesting and worthy for players to enjoy some of the online casinos offers bonus payouts.

There are countless different versions of roulette game available online for players. The best part of these games is that it does not much time to get start off with this game online. Players simply need to create an online casino account for enjoying the action and that is it?


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