Features of Expert Roulette Game by WagerWorks

01 October 2011
Roulette game after some time, becomes one of the boring games among the casino players. Particularly, this happens in case of online Roulette game, where, the glamour of casino environment goes out in games. Because of this reason, some players are now adding some different features in game, to make the game attractive to play by online casino players. However, placing of betting chips on different numbers across the Roulette layout after every spin has many drawbacks in game. So, to overcome this, many famous online casino software providers in their latest versions have also provided an extra feature, by which players can also save the bets placed by them in the Roulette game. Wager works is one of the well-known and leading software providers of online casino games, who have gone one step ahead, by launching its latest variant of Roulette game as Expert Roulette. This new variant facilitates players to wager on different betting patterns by the help of a special feature known as bet accelerators.

Role of Bet Accelerators in Expert Roulette Game

Normally, in any online Roulette game, players are required to move the cursor across the wagering area by using either trackball or mouse and then by clicking on that area for placing the wagering amount in game. This means that if any patter involves 5 numbers, player is required to click 5 times for placing 1 chip in each of the 5 numbers in Roulette. The betting accelerators used in Expert Roulette variant have made this process very simple by using click and drag movement for players. Now, by this, instead of placing betting amount only on one betting area at one time, players can bet more numbers of bets by simply holding left mouse button and then moving the cursor over wagering areas. Every time when the cursor gone over a new wagering spot, a wagering amount of selected chip size is placed in roulette game. Initially, bet accelerators incorporated in online Roulette games does not proved to be advantageous in Roulette games. This is because; numbers in particular pattern must have to be vertically or horizontally adjacent to one another for proper working of Bet Accelerators in game. Another problem will also occurred that is when the cursor is moved across in two numbers of Roulette, split bet will automatically placed in Roulette game.

Advanced Bets in Expert Roulette Game

One more feature, which is available in Expert Roulette game, is known as advanced bets. The advanced bet features in Roulette games have to be activated in Options. Unless this is performed, advance bets will not display on the screen. There are 2 parts available in advanced bets. The first part is the facility to save some wagering patterns, where maximum 6 patterns can be saved in games. After placing all the chips on Roulette layout, the player will then click on the Save Pattern button and choose from 1 to 6 locations, for saving the particular patterns of game. After this, whenever the player clicks on that number location, again wagering chips will appear on the layout of Roulette.

The second part of advanced bets is also unique in WagerWorks Expert Roulette. Here 4 interesting betting patterns are identified in game and separate buttons are also provided for each of them. These are named as Red Splits, Black Splits, Red Dragon and Black Dragon in Roulette game. Black Splits and Red Splits will cover the split bets in layout when any 2 adjacent black and red squares respectively will share one side in game. The Red Dragon and Black Dragon features will cover both straight and split bets in Roulette Game.


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