Exclusive Hot Streak Bonus Feature in WagerWorks Roulette Game

13 February 2012
In most of the online casinos, roulette games are tending to grab back seats as compared to blackjack and slots. Slots games are capable of offering excitement of exclusive audiovisual effects, while blackjack games will require very high level of gaming skills. As the game of Roulette has incorporated none of these factors, so, they are not considered as the popular casino games. Therefore, one of the leading software providers of online games, Wager Works has recently released new online roulette variants for the players. This roulette game has incorporated huge innovations capable of adding lots of excitement in placing the bets and drawing website traffic to the games. Players can enjoy this new WagerWorks powered roulette game at Virgin Casino.

Hot Streak Bonus in Wager Works powered Roulette Game
One of the roulette game powered by WagerWorks has incorporated HSB (Hot Streak Bonus) in it. According to this bonus feature, players are allowed to place the bets of HSB along with normal bets of roulette. Each of the bet of HSB will cover set of 6 numbers. The first spot will cover all the numbers starting from 1 and ending in 6, second spot will cover all the numbers starting from 7 and ending in 12 and this will continue for all the numbers present on the Roulette wheel. Players are allowed to wager on large number of HSB bets. In case dealer calls, the number after roulette wheel comes to rest position and has covered HSB bet, Hot Streak in the roulette game will start.

Payouts of Hot Streak Bonus in Roulette
The first number in the Hot Streak will give the payout in the ratio of 2:1. This particular bet of Hot Streak Bonus will remain in its place. Now, in case you place a new hot Streak bonus wager, they would be removed from the Roulette table. Players cannot place new Hot Streak wagers, once Hot Steak gets started. Now, if the next called number will belong to the same group, payout will be 12:1. The third consecutive number offers the payout in the ratio of 100:1. The fourth consecutive number will give 250:1 payout. Lastly, the payout for fifth and sixth consecutive numbers is 1,000:1 and 25,000:1. The special features of Hot Streak Bonus are that players can get the payouts at each step on their way of winning games. Therefore, in case, players’ place bet of one dollar on this new roulette game and can register winnings for 6 times the player will be awarded huge amount of approximately $26,000 on investing an amount of one dollar.

The roulette game will end when the called number will be other than the group being covered. Alternatively, Hot Streak feature will end, when the players will win six bets of Hot Streak in one row. Hot streak Bonus has incorporated a significant condition, according to which it does not count duplicate numbers. In case the number is called, on which players have already won in present Hot Streak, player will not move to the next step and cannot obtain the next payout. However, Hot Streak will not end.

Maximum Wager on Hot Streak Bonus in Roulette
The maximum betting amount, which could be placed on a single HSB spot, is 8 to 10 credits approximately. Players can place $10 is each of the spot of HSB, which becomes $60 in total. The bets for HSB are placed at right side of the layout of roulette game in appropriately marked area. Join Virgin Casino and enjoy this game today.


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