Exclusive Features of Video Roulette Game

09 January 2012
If people thought that game of online roulette cannot visually improve, then variant of Video Roulette game, powered by Playtech will prove this perception of people as wrong. The graphics of this video game are shard and video displays of rotating roulette wheel and stopping of wheel are really attractive. However, players should have very fast Internet connection for enjoying this variant of Roulette game. Players have slow connection of their Internet will enjoy this game in Turbo mode, which will display the videos and will announce the called numbers directly. Playtech powered video roulette has also given the provision to eliminate the video after starting of game.

Video Roulette game, powered by Playtech is themed on layout of European Roulette having single zero and numbers are displayed in red and black. However, it also incorporates the La Partage bets of French Roulette. This means that if zero is called, players will get back half of the wagered amount if they place bets on even money. Hence, this will reduce the house edge on even money bets. The features of basic game of online roulette have incorporated in Video Roulette. These are Double, Repeat, Remove All and Remove, offering standard functions. The regular bets of outside and inside will be placed in usual manner.

Players will click on the Special button to open a drop down box, having list of all of the bets, which are associated with French Roulette game, played in land casinos, but now they are also provided in most of the variants of online roulette. These bets are mentioned in the Help file, which can be accessed from Menu button given in the toolbar at the bottom. Some of these bets are mentioned in this article. The bet of Zero Game will include zero along with six numbers, which are closest to zero on the wheel. These numbers are 0, 3, 12, 15, 26, 32 and 35. The bet will consists of 4 chips or multiplies, as 1 chip between 0 to 3 split, 1 chip between 12 and 15 split, 1 on straight up of 26 and 1 chip between numbers 32 and 35. Finale bets of Video Roulette game will be of three types. Finale Plein will incorporate all of the numbers on Roulette wheel layout, which will end in particular number such as 2, 12, 22 and 32 with each one of the betting chip. Finale Cheval Plein will include all the numbers, which will end in any of the given consecutive numbers such as 2, 3, 12, 13, 22, 23, 32 and 33, by the help of each betting chip. In case of bet of Finale Cheval, two numbers will not be consecutive, but will be staggered by 3.

Video Roulette game, powered by Playtech has incorporated an exclusive feature titled as Heat Map. In terms of mathematics, past history of roulette game is unable to predict its future outcomes. Each of the numbers located at the layout of Roulette Wheel have the same probability of being called. However, some of the fanatics of online Roulette game still have a belief to track previous numbers for predicting the probability of next numbers to be called. The Heat Map is one among such type of system, responsible for predicting the future called numbers based on previous numbers being called. This roulette variant has not mentioned the exact tracking mechanism of Heat Map. However, as per this mechanism, hot or most likely numbers are placed at right side of the layout of Heat Map, while cold or least likely numbers will display at left.


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