Etiquettes in Playing Online Poker Game

17 January 2012
Today, most of the online poker players believe that they can do anything, as they are sitting in front of the computer screen to play poker games. In fact, this should not be the case, as there are large numbers of considerations, about which each of the poker players should remain well aware, before they will go to play at online poker table. Some of these considerations are mentioned in this article

Do Not Behave Rudely with Poor Poker Players

The first and foremost thing that online poker players should keep in the mind is that they should not behave rudely with the poor players of online poker game. This is obvious that bad players sucking on the money will make other players angry. However, players do not express their anger towards the poor players, rather they should educate those players that they have done wrong.

Do not discuss about Poker Hands of Other Players

Players should never discuss about the hands of other poker players and also should not give advice about the poker hand to other players, which they should keep with themselves. The discussion about poker hands of other players is considered as unethical and hence, this should not be performed at any point. Players should not confuse this with table talk for influencing the decision. In case, players are at align, while other players have to decide, whether they have to fold or call, players, who are at align should talk with them and then should try to influence their decisions. This process is known as leveling and it is highly acceptable among the expert players of online poker.

Avoid Abusive Words or Use of Profanities during the Poker Chat

This etiquette of poker players, while playing online poker game is more or less similar to the etiquette of avoiding rude behavior with bad poker players. Berating or showing abusive attitude towards other players should not be good for any of the players. The abusive words or profanities may upset the players and even they may lead to quit the game of poker or stop playing the game of online poker all together. Though, players may become upset or angry with some poker actions, but they are not supposed to use profanities show abusive attitude towards other online poker players.

Do not reveal about Folded Hands

Suppose, a player increased the preflop with card of Ace 5 on the button and after that some other player have again increased the bet. Now another player has called Ace 5 and then player has decided to fold. In case the flop will come down, card of Ace 5 or some similar card will give strong hand to the players. Therefore, players are not supposed to discuss about their poker hands during the poker chat. However, after the completion of that hand, players can have discussion about this hand with other players. Therefore, this will influence the way of playing hands out and this is entirely unfair on the players’ hand.

Players should keep themselves with Actions of Poker Game

Players should definitely keep themselves with poker actions at all times, while playing online poker. Players should definitely avoid taking long time to act, particularly in case of basic preflop actions. However players should definitely take their sufficient time, while taking post flop decisions, but should not take excessively long time in making some basic decisions.

Avoid Slow Rolling in Poker Game

Slow rolling is considered as one of the worst etiquette of online poker game. Whenever, the players perceive that they are having best hands and are going to call the bets of their opponents, they should perform this quickly after they take this decision.


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