Changing Trend Of Women in Poker

09 November 2011
Right from the olden times, gambling has largely remained a game of men. The reason for this may be either that women are not interested in playing the poker games or that they have been provided very little opportunities for trying their hand for the poker game. However, the trends of women in relation to poker game have changed during the last few years. The explosion of online gaming has now provided a new sector of online gambling, which will provide opportunities for playing gambling to women also. This is because; if women will hesitate to enter in to the land based casinos, where men are playing, can now alternatively enjoy their favorite games from online websites. The gambling websites also provide opportunities to earn some extra money for those women, who prefer to stay at their homes. Therefore, internet or online gaming has eliminated all the hesitations that the women had in relation to playing the casino games.

Before a small duration, a study was conducted, which has revealed that the number of women online casino players get doubled during the previous 5 years. This growing trend of women had observed mainly among the corporate women, who have newly entered in the casino sector. One of the significant reasons, which is recommended for this phenomenal growth is the anonymity provided by the online casino websites. By selecting the non-disclosure option for personal details, women are no longer required to get surrounded by lewd remarks during the games. The risk factor in relation to online gaming will be comparatively less and women find themselves convenient in learning the game from the websites.

This has highlighted that the number of women winners has increased remarkably in online poker. The fact behind this is that the women get less distracted from other players, while playing the online game. Women players comparatively become less distracted to bluffing. The online poker game possesses an entirely different scenario. Here, female players will not require facing other players, who may become successful if the game will conduct in the real setting. This factor will also increase the chances of winnings of players.

Another very common and popular trend, which is found among female poker players, is the use of bots. They try to have a considerable advantage over other players who do not use bots. This is not the case with all the players, in fact there are some annoyed male player who have become frustrated with the increased winning tendency of female players. this is known fact that male ego is the main problem here. However, its not so that the use of bots is limited to only female players in fact there are huge number of male players who use the similar strategy. Now you will be amazed to know that are lot of male player who prefer to play with female user id.

When we talk about online gambling then, it’s a proved fact that female players are more stronger as compared to male players. It’s most common in male player that they underestimate the skill and talent of a female player and this is the major mistake made by the male players. Women players have acquired expertise skill in the game by learning about it and by practising online poker. They have positively used the misconception of male players for their advantage and have established a mind-blowing combination of skill and aggression. Earlier it was believed that online poker is a filed, which is dominated by male players, but now the scene has completely changed.


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