Why Rebuy Online Tournaments are Advantageous for Casino Players

01 March 2012
Today, most of the online casinos are offering ‘rebuy’ online tournaments for the players. As the name is suggesting, ‘rebuy’ tournaments are having rebuy feed, which are specified with many other parameters. However, most of the novices to the online casino world are still not aware about rebuy tournaments offered at different online casinos. Therefore, this article is an attempt to give brief description about meaning of rebuy tournaments, their operations and various strategies that are involved in participating in rebuy tournaments.

Rebuy Tournaments
We know that in straightforward and simple online tournaments, players would have a beginning chip stack and some time limit, within which they have to place their bets on any of the particular game. The chip balance of these players after the end of specified time would be the score they obtained from the tournament. At the end of the tournament, the casino owners would compare this score with the scores of other casino players for deciding the winners. In case, players lose all of their chips, before the expiry of certain time limit, the score of those players become zero and get eliminated from the online tournament. However, in case of rebuy tournaments, players get some more chances of participating in the tournament. For this, players have to give some cost. This cost is actually referred as rebuy fee. The rebuy fee is one of the significant parameters, which players should understand when they should discuss about rebuy tournaments.

Rebuy Fee
Rebuy fee is defined as the amount, which players have to pay for again participating in the online tournaments. As large numbers of players rebuy several times in a single online tournament, so rebuy fee provided by the casino helps them in recovering the guaranteed prize pool. In case of pot prize tournaments, rebuy fee facilitates the pot pool to increase at reasonable amounts. The rebuy fee remains more or less similar in both buy-in and in entry fee online tournaments. However, freeroll online tournaments offering massive prize pools may have stiff rebuy fee required for covering the free first entry.
Players are not allowed to use rebuys for building up their chip stacks. This means, players are not supposed to purchase rerbuys continuously and make addition in to their chip balance. This is because; performing this in frequent manner would eliminate all the competitive spirit and fun from the online tournaments. Therefore, most of the online tournaments provide the facilities of rebuys only whenever the players deplete their own chip stack. Some of the online tournaments provide rebuy facilities to the players, only when they would incorporate nominal chip balance. The chip stack issued to the players for purchasing rebuy is more or less similar with the actual chip stack. Therefore, rebuy is essential for maintaining fairness and uniformity during the whole tournament.

Forms of Online Rebuy Tournaments
Rebuy online tournaments are mostly available in two different forms in the online casino. In one type of rebuy tournament, online casinos provide unlimited numbers of rebuys to their players. On the other hand, other type of tournament would give the specification about the number of times, with which players could rebuy.

Issues Regarding Online Rebuy Tournaments
Players have some issues in their minds, before they go to participate for the online tournaments. The issue of the players is associated with the target chip balance, which they want to get from the tournament. Once the players reach to this target, they do not go to rebuy option again.


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