Varieties of Promos Offered by Online Casinos

28 February 2012
Nowadays, almost every renowned online casino is offering different types of promos for their players. The promos offered at most of the online casinos can be divided broadly in to two different categories. In one category, players were guaranteed to win massive bonus or high value of prized on fulfilling the stipulated requirements. On the other hand, in second category, players would get opportunity to win prizes, but they do not have any assurance of satisfying any types of requirements.

First Category of Promo
In this category, bonuses and prizes offered to the players are very less as compared to other promo categories. The reason for this is that in this category, all the players fulfilling the certain eligibility requirements are allowed to receive the bonus amount with them. In case the prizes are very high, the requirements would be stiff and only high rollers are become capable to satisfy such requirements. The way of structuring of this type of promo is mentioned in this article. Players, placing their bets with particular betting amount may be entitled to receive specified bonus. In this category, if the betting is done with 100 dollars, bonus would be only 10 dollars. Similarly, if the players place bets with thousands of dollars, they would be able to receive only 100 dollars of bonus amount.

Second Category of Promo
The second category of promo offered in the casinos are more interesting as compared to the promos obtained from first categories. This is because; here, only some of the players are allowed to win the prizes, so the prizes offered are very large. In addition, here winning of prizes are solely dependent on luck of the players, promos definitely have understanding with online casino games. Today, large number of online casino promos is based on this principle. Therefore, this article has given brief description about some of the second category of promos offered at the online casinos.

• Online Tournaments
Online tournaments are the most common form of promos offered at the online casinos. According to these types of promos, players securing the highest position on the leader board are allowed to share the huge prize pool. In addition, some of the online tournaments do not require any type of fee for enjoying in the casinos. These online tournaments are known as freerolls. Players would have to pay no liability or cost for enjoying such tournaments.

On the other hand, in most of the online tournaments, players have to give some entry fee for participating in the tournaments. In these types of tournaments, players have to place their bets with the help of tournament chips obtained from online casinos. The online tournaments have incorporated elements of both luck and skill. Therefore, these types of tournaments have become one of the popular promos among worldwide online casinos. However, in online tournaments, players should be highly capable of managing their bankrolls and should have good kowle3dge about how and when they have to place their bets aggressively.

• Wagering Contests
Wagering contest is another interesting promo; belong to the second category of promos offered at online casinos. In this promo also, players securing highest position on the leader board would share the massive prize pool. However, in these promos, players have to increase their positions on leader board, by placing highest possible amount of bet on any of the casino games, played at online casinos.

• Lucky Draws
Lastly, we have lucky draw promos, belonged to the promo of second category. In this type of promo, players have to place certain amount of bet for entering in to the lucky draw.


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