Varieties of Online Tournaments Offered by Casinos

15 March 2012
Today, most of the online casinos are providing tournaments for their players. Some of the online casinos offer several online tournaments for the whole month, while others provide tournaments as part of their promos, such as Christmas promo and Thanksgiving promo and so on. Novices of online casino do not want to participate in the online tournaments because the format of online tournaments is different from regular games played at casinos. However, by this, the novices not only lose their opportunities of registering huge winnings, but also lose many excitements of online tournaments. The tournaments offered at the online casinos are mainly of two types. In the first type, tournament decide the winners based on the amount they have won, while in the second type, tournament recognize the winners based on the amount of bet placed by players.

About First Type of Online Tournament
In first type of online casino tournament, all the players have same number of gaming chips for starting the tournament. In addition, tournament provides a certain period of time, within which they have to place their bets and try to enhance the balance of the chip as much as possible. At the end of the specified time, tournament closed automatically and records the scores of all the players. Players are allowed to make use of their specified period at any time during the tournament. When the tournament period ends, top-scored players are allowed to share allotted prize pool. Players are neither allowed to cash their issued tournament chips nor their winnings in cash. However, they are allowed to receive a share of winning prize. Most of the tournaments informed the players in advance about prize pool amount and the way, in which it is being distributed to the players.

These types of online tournaments have incorporated some particular characteristics. All the players have to place their bets on the same casino game for ensuring the uniformity. The players are not required to pay for the chips offered by the casino at the beginning of the online tournament. However, players have to give entrance fee for participating in the tournament. The entrance fee paid by the players is known as buy in, which is mostly a nominal amount. There are several tournaments, in which players do not have to give buy-in and participate at free of cost. These online tournaments are referred as freerolls. Although, the online tournaments may continue for the whole day or many days, but participation of players are restricted for the time specified for them. The specified time limit is not more than 1 hour or 60 minutes.

About Second Type of Online Tournament
In second type of online tournaments, players placing the highest amount of bet may share the allotted prize pool. These types of tournaments have no consequences with the losing or winning of players. These tournaments do not provide any gaming chips to the players, but allow the players to place their bets with their own money. Players have to place their bets during the whole period of online tournament. At the end of the online tournament, casino rewards the players, placing highest amount of bet in the tournament. In second category of online tournaments, players have to keep the winning amounts with them and in case, they secure top position in leader board, they also receive a share from the allotted prize pool. Players can participate in these online tournaments, by placing their bets either on same casino game or on particular range of casino games offered at online casinos.


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