The Martingale system

16 December 2011
The Martingale strategy is the most harmful roulette system on earth and, it is not isolated to the game of roulette. You only need to hang around at casino for five minutes to see someone making use of it and to realize that, this is the way to gamble yourself to bankruptcy, no matter the size of your bank balance!

It a system designed to attempt recovery of losses and is often sold in conjunction other methods as the "holy grail" of gambling systems, and the answer to winning big. It is sold and disguised in many forms. If you want to break the bank quickly then, this is the way to go. Your bank, balance will never be the same!

The Martingale involves doubling up after every losing bet on an even chance such as, playing Red or Black, Odds or Evens. You may get away with it for a while but, unfortunately it is guaranteed to end in disaster.

This is how it goes. When you lose you then place a bet of twice your initial bet value on the same spot. If you lose again, you then double the previous bet amount. The theory is that your bet has to win at some point and if you keep doubling up on your losses, when the result finally turns in your favor, your last bet will recoup all your losses plus the win back the loss for your original wager.

The theory behind this system may appear sound from a logical point of view but casinos have guarded against this little "stroke of genius", a long time ago by placing table limits on bets. Yet it is so obvious, so natural, to want to recover your last loss by, doubling up that, it does not appear to be so incredibly stupid as it is. The reason being. It does not take much for you to reach the table limit when doubling down and although you could get away with it once or twice or even 10 times, it will take only one loss to wipe out all your profits made and some, if you actually had to sit down and do the arithmetic. Listen up, and lets do do the sum. Now say the table limit is $200, which is quite typical but, for the sake of example, lets double that amount to $400 just to give us a better chance at a generous casino. Right, so we play $5 on red and we lose, we now play $10 and lose, $20, $40, $80, $160, $320, GAME OVER! Now consider this. On our last bet we placed $320 on the table, and if it had gone our way and had landed on Red we would have recouped five measly dollars, whoopee, by risking $320! On the other hand, the bad hand. If the ball had landed on black again, we would have lost $635 trying to hang onto $5. That is totally insane, have I lost my marbles? Call the men in the white coats and take me to a place where I am safe and wont hurt myself, when I start using the Martingale!

Lets say that we had gotten away with it 127 times, which is highly unlikely. All of our winnings would be wiped out in one turn of the wheel. It's crazy, no matter what way you look at it! Do Not Do It! Winning at gambling is not as easy as such a seemingly simple system suggests. As with anything it takes skill, research, persistence and a bit of luck, to come out with a buck.


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