Men or Women who is superior in Gambling World

04 April 2011
Who is better Men or Women? This question regarding the Dominance of men and women is a hot topic of argument from last many years, but still no answers have been sorted out for this question. Various competitions have been arranged to find out who is better in performance but still no result.

Although the answer for this question is not sorted out but as far as the world of casino is considered we have the answer. People as per their traditional view believe that men are better gamblers then woman, but the reality is far away from this.

Tradition View
It’s assumed that gambling world is only for men. But its not so Woman are also equally interested in gambling. Women are very often seen enjoying gambling in casino as men. A very popular misconception, which is prevailing among people even today, is that men are better gamblers then woman. This is so because men are more frequent to gambling and more experienced in gambling then woman. This backward thinking regarding sexes and gambling exist from past many decades and even today also many people have the same thinking.

Another misconception regarding sexes and casino is that women are not good at table games, as they do not play it. On the contrary, women are more interested in playing video poker, slot and bingo when their partners are on table games. Women are considered inefficient in managing their bankroll, as they are not very much skilled as men.
Normal people will surely consider these points incorrect and without any sense. Various researchers have conducted research on this hot topic to find out the truth.

Harvard Study
To bring the argument regarding the supremacy of man and woman to an end, the Harvard Medical School conducted a research on 40,499 people. Teams of finest researchers have been formed to conduct this research. Richard LaBrie and his team made two separate groups of men and women and gave equal amount of Euros to both and asked them to wages on various casino games of their choice. In the end of the research Richard LaBrie and his team analyzed the situation and came to the conclusion that as far as gambling is concerned woman are better and more efficient then men in gambling.
Harvard Study showed that woman resist more from making high bet then men and also that woman earned 15% more money then man. This study completely denies the stereotypes regarding sexes and gambling that we discussed earlier.

In 1950s women were not allowed to go out so frequently for gambling. However, today the scenario has completely changed, today woman are very much familiar to casino and they are not limited to video poker or slot machines. And if you consider Harvard Study then its proved that woman are more efficient in managing bankrolls then man.
Now, another very interesting point to learn about is that, women are also very active in online casino games. As per the study conducted by analyst Larry Terwander –“Woman have educated themselves by means of internet, they have acquired knowledge about various casino games and have applied that in local casinos”.

Knowledge never go waste, knowledge acquired by women regarding gambling online helps them to become more and more skilled in gambling. Many studies have been conducted on this subject and all of them show same result that, as far as gambling world is concerned women are more skilled and efficient then man. Thus we are looking forward for more such kind of research.


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