How to Find Low Stake Tables In Casinos

24 April 2011
There are number of gamblers who cannot afford to play with high Stakes, these players feel very uncomfortable while playing in a casino who do not offer tables at lower limits. Now the question arises that why casinos does not offer more tables with lower limits. We all are well aware that all these are done by casinos to earn more money, and there are certain steps that can be followed to avoid this situation were you are forced to play at higher limits.

Supply and demand
Suppose you visit any major gambling place like Las Vegas, then you will find that there are plenty of tables for lower stakes. As the number of gamblers visiting Las Vegas casinos are innumerous, so they offer all sort of comfort to the low stake gamblers or else they have the risk of loosing the money they make in the form of hotel fare, or by offering drinks and by many other ways on which gamblers spend cash on. Thus, if Las Vegas casinos does not pay complete attention to these players, then they will surely suffer in terms of profit and may come down to street, as the gamblers will find some other casino for themselves.

Now if we look at the casinos of rural areas or small cities, here hardly there are one or two casinos so the competition is almost negligible. Thus, here the casinos can offer the minimum amount of low stakes tables and even then, they can make profit, as gamblers do not have any other option then playing on high stake tables.

High limits mean big profit
Lot of research have been done on casinos, and these research shows that it’s always more profitable to have half of the total tables as high stake table instead of full high stake tables. It may seem that this concept is useless as empty tables do not bring profit, but you also need to focus on the situation in terms of money and percentage.

Now if we consider the example of Blackjack, here the house edge is just 0.5% for those players who play with common strategy. There are a number of gamblers who ar4e not even aware of what are common strategy to play blackjack and their house edge reaches to around 3%. Presume that there is $15 tables were eight players could play 50 hands in an hour. To identify that how much money a casino will make with $15, eight players table we will consider $15 X 50 (hands per hour) X 8 (people) X 0.03 (house edge). After solving this equation, we will find that the casino will make house edge of $180 an hour with this table.

How to find low stakes
It’s not in your hands to change the number of low limit table in any casino, as casinos will do what they feel right to earn more and more profit. But you can undertake certain steps to increase your chances of finding open seats at low limit games. It’s always suggested to visit casinos during early weekday hours as the crowd is comparatively very less this time of the week. The worst time to find a seat in low stake tables is during Friday and Saturdays as they are the busiest times for casinos.

Other then visiting casinos on less crowded days, you can also find open seats in low stake tables, is by learning how to play video poker to pas the time, while you are waiting for a seat to open. If you do not like video poker then you can find some other game to pass your time as well as keep a constant eye on the table. This is much better option then playing on high stake table, which ultimately affect your bankroll adversely.


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