Different Types of Casino Gamers

14 March 2012
There are various types of players present around the globe. We can say that casino arena is a garland having multiple colored characters. Here in this article, we have discussed about some of the most colorful and interesting gaming characters you mostly come across while enjoying in a brick and mortal casino.

The Beginner
All the gamblers present on the gaming table are not experienced or expert players; in fact, there are players who have entered the casino for the first time. These new or novice players are known as beginners. These beginners are mostly unclear about the rules of the game, casino etiquette and various games offered by the casino. As these players are not very familiar with gaming, so speak very less while playing. There is nothing wrong in this because every players need to start gaming some or the other day. If you are also a beginner then try your bet to as soon as possible about the gaming etiquette and rules.

The Casual Player
Players who do not make huge profits and don’t take retirement early are considered as casual players. They are well aware with the rules and the tricks of the casino. These players are comfortable in taking with other players. Other than gaming, casual players are more interested in enjoying the various other entertainment factor present in the casino. They love to enjoy delicious food offered by the casino restaurant, spa and shows organized by casinos.

The Obnoxious Drunk
Some players visit casino for enjoy free drinks offered to them rather then enjoying gaming. Most of these players creates some unpleasant atmosphere on the gaming table and behave like an annoying element. Having one or maximum two complimentary drink offered by the casino, but things become worse when players keep on enjoying these complimentary drink one after the other and the condition becomes even worse when these badly drunk players start criticizing and abusing the dealer. This creates an uncomfortable environment for the other players enjoying the game. The best move a player can take in this situation is to avoid sharing gaming machines or table with these players.

The Knowledgeable Player
The most interesting fact about gambling is the skill element, which is present in expert and experienced players; by using their gaming skills, players can lower the house edge largely. For instance, by employing an appropriate gaming strategy blackjack players can the house edge to just 0.5. These skilled players are referred as knowledgeable players and they are characterized by their skill and the art of offering valuable information to other players. Thus, all those players who are looking for some valuable advice can turned to these knowledgably players.

The Comps Hunter
Its always a pleasing experience to collect some extra comp points from players, however, there are some players whose ultimate objective is to collect as many extra comp as possible from casino. This type of players usually enjoy the video poker game or the penny slots game for enjoying free drinks offered by the casino. They try their best to make dealers realize that they are high rollers and are about to place massive bets on the game.

The Professional Player
Most of you must have seen in various movies that player’s huge profits from casino game in no time. However, its not true. In real life making profit from casino game is not an easy task. Some professional players own expertise in make consistent profit repeatedly. Most of these professional players do not prefer to revel their original identity, while other keep on fooling the casino stuff.


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