Various Options in Craps Game

19 September 2011
Craps are the most exciting games that a player can enjoy in casinos. In fact, the player, playing at most exciting slots machine cannot enjoy with such a high level of noise and cheering as they can from craps casino games consist of a table with an active dice.

Craps is a casino game, which possess various key aspects and multiple betting options for players. However, professionals and experts have suggested that if players place their bets on the pass line and make odd bets, they will regularly have best odds against the house. They also suggested that craps are comparatively easy game to play, but only thing is to consider some key points before going to play in casinos.

Pass and No Pass Betting Options for Players

First of all, shooter will roll the dice across the table. There are several wagering options available to players in game. The straight forward and simplest among them are pass and no pass. Pass bet is known as central bet in a craps game. For example, if any player hits on any of 2, 3 or 12 on first roll, he will lose the game and on the other hand, if they will hit 7 or 11 on pass line, they will win. If any player hits on some other number, then that number will become the main point and players will try their luck by using different strategy.

Come and Not Come Bet in Craps Game

The come bet is the wagering amount that players can make by making first point. This is more or less similar to pass and do not pass bets. The difference is that, here, coming bet is optional for players. This means, that players can also leave this wagering option during the game. Alternatively, if any player is willing to play this round, only thing he has to do is to follow the previous bet placed by him in game. For example, if any player hits on 2, 3 or 12, although he will lose, but his pass bet remains unaffected and if any player hit 7, he will win come bet, but will lose all his pass bet at that point.

Betting on Field in Craps Game

This option is available to those players who want to place their bets on shooter. By placing their bets on the fields, players will receive additional winning amounts on some of the numbers that shooter will hit. For example, if the shooter bets on rolls 3, 4, 10 or 11, players will be awarded in the ratio of 1:1, while if the shooter bets on rolls 2 or 12, player will get payment in ratio 2:1. However, before taking this option, players should keep in their mind that wagering on fields will only apply in only 1 roll of dice.
Hard Way Bets in Craps Game

Hard Way betting options available to players are just like playing Monopoly, because by this players will receive more payout for rolling double. Consider an example, if any player makes 8 by rolling two 4’s instead of making it with 5 and 3 or with 6 and 2, he will win hard bet and thus will get higher payout from game.

Props Bets in Craps Game

Proposition bets or prop bets are those wagering options, which are avoided by most of the experienced players of this game. There are many types of prop bets available for players and most of them will have high risk involved in it. Also as prop bets are single rolls, so players will get a single chance only to get profit from this in game.


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