Strategies for playing Craps Game

02 October 2011
The craps games are very popular among the worldwide online casino players. This is because craps games will give opportunity to give massive win in the games. The only thing here is to follow a proper strategy for playing the game. The main thing the players should consider is the betting options available for craps game. Before considering the strategy, it is necessary to know some aspects of craps game.

First of all in craps game, the rules are very complicated. Although, guides are available with players, but still they face many areas, where there is confusion in games. This can be understood by example. Suppose that shooter is supposed to roll the come out roll in craps game. On this roll, players should make point or shooter cannot continue. Now, this is necessary for players to know what is meant by point in craps game. Actually, point will occur, when 3, 4, 5, 6 or 10 is being rolled in craps game. Once point has been made, players are allowed to place other bets such as come and don’t come bets in craps game. But, this is necessary that number 7 must be rolled before placing any other bet in craps game. Once, number 7 is rolled, player can again place bet on the come bet. Similar to this, there are many other rules incorporated in craps game related with bets, which makes the game more complicated and difficult to understand by players.

The best possible solution for overcoming with these complications is to have one’s own table set up of craps game, along with two dice. The reason for this is that as the players will play the game outside casino, players are able to study the rules of craps game more clearly. This will help them to have good idea about betting options that can be taken by players in the craps game. As the strategy goes on, this will also offer players a look without any distraction for learning the game. As the players become well familiar with the betting options and rules, they can now get a chance for deciding what betting options will be better for them, by studying odds and probabilities of craps game.

The odds and probabilities, will explain the probabilities of making particular bets. Just an example, the come bet will give high probability that this will pay off, while betting on only one single roll of dice will have very low probability. Bet placed on single dice roll implies that, players are trying to predict total result of dice combination, which cannot be possible in craps game.

In fact craps game is a random game. This is also one game, where players can lose a large amount of money in very short time, if they do not take proper care of bets placed as well as not properly handle their money in craps game. The players are not supposed to increase their placed betting amounts, in case of suffering losses in last rounds of game. Instead of that players should continue with same betting amount to recover all the losses occurred to him during the game. Secondly, players should know that throw of dice is random in game and will continued to be random during the whole game, so this is suggested that better option for players will be to continue with the 4 betting options that are mentioned to the players. Although, they will have smaller payouts but their frequency will be very high. Moreover, players should also consider the house edge before playing craps game.


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