Right and Wrong Bettors related with Online Craps Game

26 September 2011
People, who read articles and books related with craps game, may sometimes come across the terminologies as “right bettors” and “wrong bettors”. These terminologies used for craps game will create confusion in the minds of people. This is because; these terms are not used as their usual meanings in craps game. Here, right bettor is not referred to that player, who is wagering in an efficient or correct manner, while wrong bettor is not one, who is wagering in wrong way in the craps game. Also, wrong bettor is not referred to that player, who is violating with the rules of craps game and right bettor is not one, who is following the rules of craps game, sincerely. In fact, terminologies “right bettors” and “wrong bettors” are used in somewhat technical sense in craps game. Before understanding this technical sense, it is necessary to understand the craps game as whole, without giving any reference to terminologies as wrong bettors and right bettors in game. But, as these references are given in literature of craps game, so this is better to know what these terms actually mean in the game.

Right Bettors and Wrong Bettors for Pass Line Bet of Craps Game

These terminologies of craps game can be understand in a very well manner, by considering the following example. The most common betting option provided to players in craps game is pass line bet. At the starting of each new roll, the shooter will roll the dice. If this throw is either 7 or 11, the shooter will win automatically in this round of craps game. On the other hand, if the throw is 2, 3 or 12, the shooter will lose this round of craps game. Also, if the number comes after rolling the dice is other than all these numbers, the number will then be established as a point. Now, in case the shooter throws that point before number 7, shooter will win, while on throwing number 7 before that established point, shooter will lose the game. Players, who place their betting amounts for winning of shooter, are known as “Right Bettors”, while players betting for losing of shooter in craps game are known as “Wrong Bettors”. Although, in online casinos, no shooter is present for rolling the dice in craps game, but whole gaming concept remains same. In simple terms, players who place their wagering amounts for pass line bet are known as Right Bettors, while players wagering on don’t pass line bet are referred as Wrong Bettors in online craps game. The term Right Bettors are probably associated with players wagering on pass line bet because, most of the players like to place their bets on pass line as compared to don’t pass line in online craps game.

Right Bettors and Wrong Bettors for other Betting Options available in Craps Game

The terminologies Wrong and Right bettors related with craps game are also used for several other betting options available in craps game. One of them is “buy and lay” betting options in craps game. For both of these betting options as “lay” and “buy”, players will pay 5% commission to house in order to get correct payoffs, which is equal to the payoffs not having house edge. In this case, players wagering on “buy” betting option are referred as right bettors, while players placing their bets on “lay” betting option are known as wrong bettors. The similar concept will be followed for “come” and “don’t come” betting options available in craps game. Here, players who place their bets on “come” bets are right bettors; while players placing their bets on “don’t come” bet are wrong bettors.


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