Playing Online Craps is Most Convenient Option

04 July 2011
One of the most controversial question, which is revealing in gambling industry is whether playing online craps is better of playing craps in brick and mortal casino is better option. In reality both the version, have certain pros and cons related to it. Now its on you to consider both positive and negative aspects of the game and then decide which is the best option for you. So lets have a look on the different aspects of both the version of playing craps.

Advantages of Craps Online
You are playing craps in brick and mortal casino, everyone is around your craps table watching you and waiting for you to place your bet. At that point of time can you ask them wait for something until you can go to ask certain craps tip from your friend or refer some book for guidance. I know you must be feeling that what I am taking about because it is not at possible while you are in land-based casino. However, this is possible when you are sitting in your home, in front of your computer and enjoying craps along with the homely comfort. If you have any confusion regarding the next move, then you can stop your game for few minutes, go to any of your preferred internet sites to get advice regarding your confusion or you can make a call to your friend and can ask help from them. When your confusion is clarified, you can come back to your system and continue your game.

This is the bets part of online craps, here you can take your own time for thinking before placing bet or moving further, whereas this is not at all possible when you are playing in lands-based casino. For the players who need time to think his each and every move or for a novice craps players, this is the biggest disadvantage of playing craps in brick and mortal casino.

Next most important factor that helps to decide whether to choose online casino or land-based casino is the money factor. When you are playing in brick and mortal casino, you are provided chips for playing the game instead of real money. Casino does that intentionally so that players fail to realize that the chip you just tossed like candy is actually worth $25 or $100 and they continue to wager higher and higher. On the contrary, in case of online craps the site itself reminds you about the money that you are using in dollars and also how much you wagered and how much you won. This is a great help as your are playing your money and you must have control on how to spend it and how much to spend.

Other then this, while playing craps in casino players feels a lot5 of pressure. Apart from the pressure of place immediate bets or taking quick decisions there are a lot of pressure that a player go though while playing in brick and mortal casino. For instance, when all of your opponents are placing $50 chips then at that situation you hesitate in placing $1 bet, instead when you playing online casino there is not such financial pressure faced by the player. No one is watching each and every move of yours and passing comment on that. This helps you play the game in your own style without thinking of what other people will think.

From the above discussion its clear that playing online craps is far better and convenient then playing craps in brick and mortal casino.


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