Minimum House Edge in Free Odds Pass Line Bet of Craps Game

01 November 2011
The online craps games have become very much popular among the online players worldwide. Although, this game is very popular but still some of the players face many difficulties in playing this game at casinos. This is because; online craps games are available with wide variety of betting options and most of them have a very high house edges and thus they are not played in casinos. However, there exists one betting option in craps game, which players should play definitely. This betting option offers very less house edge and is very easy to understand for the online craps players. Moreover, this bet will also give lots of fun and enjoyment to the players.

This bet is known as Free Odds Pass Line Bet. In fact, this is one category of bets; where there are betting options having lesser variants are possible. Before the wagering amounts are placed for Free Odds Pass Line Bet, players are required to perform some preparatory work and hence they will have to start this game from the beginning. The players are needed to place their betting amounts on the pass line bet that too before the come out roll. The come out roll is regarded as the first roll, whenever a new session will start in online craps game. Now, the pass line bet will win if come out roll will reveal either number 7 or 11. On the other hand, the bet will lose, if come out roll will show craps. Here, the term ‘craps’ is used to mention a particular roll, which will show either2, 3 or 12. If any number, other than these numbers is rolled in this case, the number will then be established as a point. At this condition, the pass bet will be carried forward and will win, in case the point will again rolled before number 7. This bet will give payout as even money along with house edge of 1.4% only. This percentage of house edge is comparatively very less than any other percentage of house edge offered in online craps games.

The free odds pass line bet in craps game will come into play only after the pass line betting is being placed and the point is established there. The wagering amount for this type of bet is required to be placed before the roll, by following the establishment of that point. The players are allowed to place 2 free odds bets in online craps game. The single odds bet will restrict the additional wager to the amount of original bet. The double odds bet will restrict the extra wager to double the amount of original bet placed by players. Similar to the pass line bets, here also free odds will win, if the point will again rolled before number 7. The advantage of the free odds bet is that there exists no house edge, irrespective of the situations of game. If the point obtained is either10 or 4, the payout obtained will be 2:1, if that point is either 9 or 5, the payout will be 3:2 or lastly for having the point as 8 or 6, the payout will be 6:5. Thus, the combined wager gets decreased to 0.8% in case of single odds bet, while gets reduced to 0.6% for double odds bet. Now, if any player wagers $5 for pass line bet, initially, and again $5, for number 4 that is established as a point. If the bet will win, the player will receive $10 for original wager, while $15 on additional wager. Thus, he will get total $25 in addition to the amount bet by him.


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