Journey of Craps Game from America to Modern World

18 January 2012
Today, dice-based craps games have become one of the popular gambling games of worldwide casinos. However, nobody has the proper knowledge about the origin of craps games in this world. In addition, most of the people do not know clearly that how Craps games have found their way in United States of America. However, there may be two choices regarding the origin of Craps games in America. The craps games had come to America either with French or with British. In addition, this may be possible that both British and French nations have brought the game of craps in USA at the same time. Even this would be possible that people of British had played with dice. It is also possible that people of British were playing with dice when they have gone abroad the Mayflower. The question related with origin of craps game in America may remain uncertain, but this is certain that game of Craps, played in the modern times is its simplified version, which has been evolved in USA.

Popularity of Craps Game in America

The British have displaced the people of French. Thus, players of French have compelled to move towards south to Louisiana. Thus, many of them will say that French have taken this game of Hazard to the southern area of country. However, the games of craps that we are playing in this modern world are different from the craps games played in America, but the attribution for invention and development of Craps games of modern days will go to Americans of Africa, who were living in the southern areas during the 19th century. As the fact, American dice play has a slang expression of 'African Dominoes' for general game of dice, while has an expression of Crapshooting in particular. However, this is not one of the documented facts that Americans of Africa have played the similar game of dice, which we used to play in the modern times, but this is definitely worldwide belief.

Moreover, people have also claimed that the name of Craps had come from the nickname of one French people named Johnny Crapeaud. In this case, game of craps has been derived from one French word as “toad”. This means the eating of legs of frogs by the people of French. Craps may have been named in very simple manner from the word “crabs” from Hazard game.

John H Winn’s Amendments in Craps Game

After this, the game of craps moved on to Mississippi by riverboats and became popular in remaining parts of America. During the journey of craps games though the whole of American country, one of the dice makers, named John H Winn, have brought further amendments in Craps game. As per amendments of Winn for the craps games, players can now place their bets either against or with the shooter. Winn’s amendments in craps games have facilitated to reduce the cheating in dice game to a great extent. Thus, John H Winn has been regarded as the father of modern game of Craps. The developed craps game of John Winn is titled as Bank Craps played with special layouts in almost all the casinos of today’s world.

Craps Games played at Modern Casinos

Today, in terms of betting amount, game of craps has become worldwide casino games. Today, the games of craps have portrayed in many movies of Hollywood, which has further helped in increasing its popularity. In addition, by the existence of online casinos, the game of craps has become very much familiar and one of the most preferable games among the worldwide players.


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