How to Select Best Online Dice Game among Craps and Sic Bo

13 March 2012
Dice games are solely dependent on the luck of players rather than any expertise strategies. The attraction towards the dice games have started among the players, even when they are not well-aware about any of the gambling activities. Some of the games as Cluedo and Monopoly have matched the children generations. Hence, affinity towards the online dice games would be natural for online casino players.

Today, we are available with mainly two types of online dice games. One among them is known as Craps and other one is known as Sic Bo. However, craps is more popular among the online players as compared to the game of Sic Bo. In fact, craps games are not only considered as standard fixtures in Brick and Mortal and online casinos, but have received popularity on various Television shows and movies. On the other hand, game of Sic Bo has been originated from Asia. Hence, this game is being considered as anything belonged to the alien culture. Therefore, craps games have become the first preference regarding dice games for most of the novices of online casino games.

The novices of online casino games have very soon realized the fact that game of Sic Bo can be understandable in simple manner as compared to Craps game. In the game of Sic Bo, players are allowed to place their bets on number combinations displaying on the dice faces or on the dice totals. The interesting point in this case is that each of bet gets settled in only one roll. When the rolling of dice would end, players may either lose or won the bet placed by them. This means, players are not allowed to carry forward their placed bets. On the other side, in craps games, most of the common bets are allowed to carry forward and settle on many numbers of dice rolls. In fact, players have to be well-familiar with many terminologies such as come out rolls, right and wrong bettors, laying and buying bets and points and so on for enjoying the game of online craps. Hence, we can say that although, Sic Bo is one among the alien games, it could be figure out in simple manner.

Nevertheless, novices have to understand very well that their way of placing bets has no relationship with the factors of simplicity and familiarity of both Craps and Sic Bo games. In case, the players place their bets according to these factors, they would definitely and quickly lose a huge amount of money. Therefore, only betting criteria for the players are the long term return, which they could obtain from the bets. Betting options having high house edges would give low amount of long term returns, while betting options having low edges would result in higher long term returns. Therefore, this article is suggesting the novices to have a look on the house edges of different wagering options available for Sic Bo and Craps games.

Players can make use of two benchmarks as their house edges. One benchmark is approximately 0.5%, which would be available for video poker and blackjack games. This could be assumed as the best play, which players cannot able to deliver it. Second benchmark in house edge is 5%, which could be obtained from the online slots games. As this benchmark does not need any proper strategy, so every type of players can easily achieve them. Therefore, the article is suggesting the novices of online dice games to go with only those betting options providing 5% less house edge.


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