Basic Knowledge about Online Craps Game

29 September 2011
The online craps games are becoming more and more popular among casino players. This is because, by playing online craps game, players can win huge amount of money as compared to any other online casino games. The only thing that is important for players is that they should have knowledge about the basics of online craps game. First of all, when the online craps game gets activated, the layout of craps table will appear on the screen. The different marked areas of layout corresponding to various betting options are then available to online craps players. Obviously, the first step in the game is to place wagering amounts in the game. This can be done in a simple manner by clicking on the chip having suitable betting denomination, as well as clicking on the area designated for desired amount of bet.

Come Out Roll in Craps Game

There are some betting options available in online craps, which can be done only after first roll of game and are known as Come Out Roll. Thus, players are allowed to start playing online craps game without placing any initial betting amount for this purpose. By clicking on Roll button, rolling of two dice get started by using RNGs. In some online craps games, rolling option is also shown with animation to make the game interesting among players. Come Out Roll betting option has a very significant role in craps game. This is because, when either number 7 or number 11 is rolled in case of Come Out Roll, then Pass Line Bets will offer even money, while Don’t Pass Bets will be lapsed in the game. On the other hand, if any of the numbers as 2, 3 or 12 is rolled here, Don’t Pass Line Bets will give even money to players and Pass Line Bets will be lapsed out in game. The most interesting thing will occur in the game, when any number other than these numbers is rolled in the craps game. This is because, on rolling any other number, bets placed by players will remain on the table and will neither lapsed nor are they paid as even money to players. The number, which is rolled, is established as a point and is shown at the monitor within a particular area for having record and also for convenience of players playing craps game. Now, if the established point is rolled again before number 7, Pass Line Bet will win, while if number 7 is rolled before point, then in this case, Don’t Pass Line Bet will win the craps game.

Field Bet in Craps Game

Another common type of betting option available in online craps game is Field Bet. Field Bet will give even money to players, when 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11 numbers are called in the next roll of dice. This bet will offer payout as 2:1 for calling number 2 in next of roll of dice while, payout as 3:1 on having number 12 in next roll of dice. In case of having, any other number in the next roll of dice, then the bets placed by players will lose in the craps game. Some of the simple betting options, available to players are any 7 bet, which will offer payout equal to 4:1, in case of having next roll as number 7, Crap 2 betting option that will offer payout as 30:1 on having next roll as 2, Any Craps bet, which will give payout as 7:1 on having next roll as 2 or 3, and lastly Proposition 11 payout bet will give payout as 15:1 for getting next roll as 11.


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