Wonderful Movies based on Blackjack Games

19 September 2011
Whenever, film producers like to include any casino scene in their movies, most of the time they prefer Roulette games because of their fine visual action and people involved there on feel easy to understand them than any other casino games. Thus, movies having the features of Blackjack games are less as compared to the movies having features of Roulette and craps. However, now days, many movies are made, which involves many scenes of Blackjack games.

A typical Blackjack movie was named as 21, which was released in 2008. The movie named 21 is also another name for game of Blackjack on the basis of maximum hand value allowed to players. This movie highlights the story of MIT blackjack team, whose efficient way of card counting and wonderful team work leads to earn massive amount of money in land–based casinos. Although, this movie includes many complicated twists related with personal relationships between the people, but blackjack part is presented in a very well manner in the movie.

MIT senior math named Major Ben Campbell was in requirement of some funds to pay fees for medical school. For this purpose, he consulted with Professor Micky Rosa and his whole Blackjack team having fellow students named Kianna, Fisher, Choi and Jill. From then, the team started card counting in casinos. For this, they used to play will less wagering amounts and simultaneously, keep record of the card count during game. Whenever the card count becomes favorable, they send secret signals to rich players, who then play with higher wagering amount and massive amount of money from game. By following this, Ben Campbell becomes one of the rich players and so, he started enjoying casino games in Las Vegas. During this time, Campbell also develops mutual attraction with one of his fellow students, named Jill. However, all enjoyments become end, because Fisher, who was one fellow student of Campbell become jealousies of Campbell’s success in blackjack game and so he creates a situation, which leads to the removal of Campbell from the whole team. After this, Campbell starts facing problems with his studies and friends. This also affects his play with Blackjack games very badly. This is because, one day he was continued with playing even after he has received signal of withdrawing from game and as a result of this, he lost $200,000 from the game. After this incident, Rosa lefts from the team, while Campbell and other 3 team members become agree to continue with card counting in casinos.

Another movie based on blackjack scene was Rain Man having characters named Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. This also shows card counting scene in Blackjack game but in a different manner. In this movie, Charlie Babbit found that his rich father left a small amount of money for him, whereas his brother named Raymond is left with massive amount of $3 million. So, Charlie decided to kidnap Raymond to get a part of $3 million left for him by his father. Charlie found that Raymond has a very sharp memory and has the capability of memorizing cards that are already betted by players. So, Charlie teaches all the rules of Blackjack games, card counting and Las Vegas concept to Raymond and thus they started card counting process and win massive amount of money from casino. However, in case of card counting process, this is not necessary that players should remember all the cards dealt by players, because this is impossible for everyone. Actually, systems are involved, which give codes to the cards as per their values and counters keep record of those cumulative code totals in casinos.


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