What is Atlantic City Blackjack

06 September 2011
Atlantic City Blackjack game is more or less similar to the standard Blackjack game played in other casinos. The differences in the game are only the changes in some of the rules such as use of 8 decks in the game.

About Atlantic City Blackjack Game

The whole concept of Atlantic City Blackjack game is almost similar to any other Blackjack game. Here also the main object of player is to go closest to number 21 by beating the dealer of game. At the starting of game, the dealer will give two cards to each of the players, along with keeping two cards will himself and then players will place their bets according to the cards they get from the dealer. Now, each of the players will take their turn for deciding what they will do on the basis of two cards they have and with the dealers. The players should also be well aware of other cards in the table before making their decisions on the game.

After player takes the final decision about the card, the dealer will now reveal player’s card and will either hit or stand as per the rules of the dealer in Atlantic City Blackjack. After the completion of the player’s hand, the winner is obtained in the game. Now if the dealer beats the player, the player will loose all his bets in the game. On the other hand if the player beat the dealer by high value card than that of the dealer or dealer withdraws from the game, the player will win the game and will receive the payout on the bases of the payout rates.

Rules of Atlantic City Blackjack Casino

Blackjack game pays winning amounts in 2:1 to players depending upon the casino in which they are playing.
The player will not lose his bets, when tie between dealer and player is declared. The bet of the player is always returned in the game.
Aces cards in the game can be split only once while other cards can be split two times.
Doubling down is allowed in game only after a player splits his hand.
Feature of re-splitting is not allowed in the game.
Unlike other Blackjack games, players can double-down on any of his two bets available.
Insurance in the game is offered, when dealer will show an Ace. If any player takes insurance, dealer will then see their second card. If this time the card is Blackjack, the player will receive payout of 2:1 on insurance bet. On the other hand, if the player does not have blackjack as his second card, the player will lose his bet and all the money will go to the casino.
Insurance betting is although offered by the Atlantic City Blackjack casino, but this should be avoided by the players as possible for them. However, if players are sure that they have 10 valuable cards will them, they can play for insurance bet.
Dealer must withdraw on having less than 16 or equal to 16 in total and should continue on having points from 17 to 21.
Late surrendering in the game is also allowed by the Atlantic City Blackjack.

Strategies for Atlantic Blackjack casino are also somewhat different from the standard blackjack casino played all over the world. This is an extremely exciting version of Blackjack game and all the players who are experts in making and exciting their strategy must surely try this interesting blackjack game.


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