Varying Etiquettes of Blackjack Casino

25 September 2011
The game of Blackjack game is simple and easy in online casinos. The buttons available for selecting all Blackjack moves are displayed on screen at one side of table. For this’ players only have to click on suitable button for performing the game. Definitely, this process is not done in land based Blackjack casinos. Also, verbal communication among dealers and players are not accepted there because of some valid reasons related with blackjack game. Also, there exists a noisy background in the Blackjack hall, so sometimes it may occurs that dealer cannot able to understand, what player is saying. Apart from this, players coming from different cultural backgrounds may also face the problem of not understanding or difficulty in understanding correct accent during the game. Therefore, to overcome from all these problems, a standard system of hand signals have been developed for playing Blackjack game at Land Based casinos. This system along with any other table practices is known as Blackjack Etiquettes. Blackjack Etiquettes, which are used for facilitating players in playing the game, may vary in different land based casinos. This is because, in some casinos, cards of players are betted as face up, while in other casinos, cards are betted as face down. The face up cards of players in blackjack game is more common in casinos of Europe and face down cards of players are mostly found in Las Vegas.

Etiquettes for Face up Cards

In Blackjack Etiquettes for face up cards, players are not permitted to touch the betted cards during the game. The reason behind this is that by doing this, players are prevented to mark the cards in some other way. Now if players will go for hit in the Blackjack game, they are required to point clearly at their cards. In case, players like to stand, they have to wave their hand above the cards, along with hand parallel to Blackjack table. If players are willing to have Double bet, they have to place their second bet after their first bet placed in game. In case of split bet, players have to place their second bet on any one of the cards, forming the pair. However, players are never supposed to place their second bet on the top of first bet placed by them. The reason behind this is that, it will restrict players from adding extra amount than the amount of bet originally placed by him.

Etiquettes for Face down Cards

In Blackjack Etiquettes for face down cards, players are allowed to pick the cards with their one hand only and then they should be placed above the level of table for all time during games. Here, players are allowed to see the cards only for once, and they are supposed to keep them back on the table as face down and are not allowed to touch this further. However, some of the land based casinos may allow players to have a look of their cards again during the Blackjack game. Now, if any player wants to have hit, he should have to make a scratching or brushing motion behind his cards. In case of getting stand, he is supposed to slide his cards as face down under chips in game. However, for doing this, players will require some practice as they are not supposed to touch gaming chips and should not supposed to cause any damage or marking in cards. In case of double and split bets, players are allowed to turn over their cards and then follow the same instructions as described in Blackjack Etiquettes for Face up Cards.

The Etiquettes of Blackjack help in conducting different versions of Blackjack game in land based casino in simple and systematic manner.


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